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Nov 12, 2011 10:49 AM

What to do with Rasberry Simple Syrup?

I tried making a raspberry sauce with a pint of fresh raspberries, sugar, water, coconut rum, and some cornstarch. It was supposed to go over pancakes.

It never thickened and the raspberries broke down. It's very runny. Good otherwise.

I figured I'd go ahead and strain it which leaves me with a very thin simple syrup.

Suggestions what to do with it? I'd like to not waste it. It's too cold for iced tea.

Next time I'll do some more research before attempting the experiment. LOL

Oh, and if you have any suggestions for how I could have used them for pancakes let me know. :)


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  1. am assuming it's a cooked concoction? the cornstarch makes a weird addition though and isn't something that allows whatever it is in to reconstitute very well. how does it taste? can you add it to whipped cream or sabayon sauce? or just pour it over pound cake or lady fingers?

    1. Perhaps try cooking it down until it thickens?

      Otherwise, I'd add it to a glass of champagne. :)

      1. Try it in a German Beer. They used to serve BerlinerWeisser at a German resturaunt where I worked.

        1. It would be good mixed with club soda for a raspberry fizz. Maybe add vanilla frozen yogurt for a raspberry float?

          1. raspberry margaritas!