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Need Cookbook help

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For Christmas I want to get someone a cookbook. I have a few parameters though. The person has been working out more and eating healthier, so the recipes need to be for the most part healthier.

She does not like to cook all that much so each recipe needs to be simple to make, and not a bunch of ingredients or complicated techniques.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. The Bon Appetit Fast Easy Fresh Cookbook would probably work. I really like mine.

    1. Would you consider a subscription to "Eating Well" or "Cooking Light" instead?

      1. Mark Bittman's newest book, The Food Matters Cookbook.

        1. Mark Bittman's The Food Matters Cookbook:


          Although I'll add the disclaimer that I haven't used the book, just recipes from it that have been published here and there. If you google it, you'll find a lot of recipes from the book to check out, like these:


          1. I suggest Rozanne Gold's Radically Simple first and Mark Bittmans second. I have cooked from both.

            1. We use "Everyday Food: Great Food Fast" as our simple meal go-to book during the week, and it's been wonderful. My only issue is that the paperback version is starting to fall apart from having used it so often!

              There is another "sequel" to this book called "Everyday Food: Fresh Flavor Fast" that just came out, and it's equally great. I'd suggest checking all the positive reviews for both on Amazon.

              1. another vote for Food Matters.

                and i love Michelly's magazine suggestion, though i'd definitely choose Eating Well, which is all about the food - CL has too much random home & lifestyle content now. in fact, i've given Eating Well subscriptions as gifts in the past, and the recipients are always thrilled and end up renewing it themselves when it expires.

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                  Funny you say that about CL. I used to read it for its nonfood articles but didn't like the food ones. Too much fat free processed rubbery tasting food.

                2. A much lesser-known title and author: Keep it Simple by Marian Burros...I have a paperback copy and have worn...it...out... Heh, here's more info' just fyi:

                  1. "Jamie at Home", by Jamie Oliver sounds like it would fit your friend.

                    1. Thanks Everyone, I will investigate all of these suggestions.