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Nov 12, 2011 09:55 AM

Has anyone tried "Bombay Hut" on Avenue Road?

Last week I was driving north on Avenue Rd and saw a new place called "Bombay Hut" on the east side, just a few blocks south of Copper Chimmney. Has anyone tried it?

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  1. Tried it last night, and the verdict was positive from me and my wife (who is brown and has high standards when it comes to Indian restaurants) - thankfully, the sins of excess oiliness and mother sauce laziness were avoided.

    The chef/part-owner, a friendly fellow of Nepalese extraction, is recently ex-Banjara, having worked there since its opening, apparently. Not having eaten at Banjara, I can't offer comparisons, but friends have raved about the cooking there.

    For app we had the onion bhajia, which was a huge serving and would probably suit 3-4 people. It came as large balls of fried, lightly battered onion strips. The batter was nice, and the sprinkling of chat masala made it legit.

    The chicken biryani had well-marinated pieces of meat, and was sensitively spiced - maybe not Mother in Law quality, but plenty good for a restaurant.

    The aloo matter featured peas cooked just right, not overdone as you often get it. My wife felt it could have had a higher pea to curry ratio, however.

    I particularly enjoyed the lamb vindaloo, which seemed to have more layers and nuance to it than run of the mill versions. The heat was nice, and I didn't feel like they'd dumbed it down for the white guy at all. Perhaps the lamb could have been a little bit more tender, but I'm not complaining.

    A complementary serving of warm gulab jamun was a pleasant surprise at the end of the meal.

    We'll definitely go again, next time trying the seafood items on the menu. Not being huge fans of copper chimney (dry chicken, crummy lamb last time we went), it's nice to have a credible replacement for Mela on Avenue.

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        Thanks gimel, I'll have to take some "brown people" over to check it out with me since it's named after my hometown.. I don't get over to that part of town often so thought I'd see if anyone had been.

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          Mela was hardly credible itself.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. What are the price points like? How is it in comparison to Copper Chimney? We really like CC

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                ooo, any new reviews? Girlstar can your elaborate?
                I love Copper Chimney. Can you provide a mini-review of Bombay Hut? I didn't really like Mela (too oily and too sweet) so I was glad a new resto opened.
                I would love to know more before dragging my kids there :)

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                  I haven't tried it and was wondering about comparisons. We enjoy Copper Chimmney.

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                    I found Bombay Hut's food to be less greasy than Copper Chimney's. Portions were more generous, and more economical.

              2. It was a sad day this past summer when we walked along Avenue Road looking to satisfy our cravings for good indian food at Mela only to find they had closed. And it was with reserved optimism that we watched Bombay Hut move into the space.

                I am therefore very pleased to report tonight,Valentine's Day,that it was worth the wait. The food was fresh, flavourful, and beautifully presented. I will also add that the portions were generous and no one in our group left hungry. The pricing seems a tad more reasonable than Copper Chimney. With wine and beer, and five dishes, rice and naan, the price for dinner for 4 was just about $100.00, or $50.00 per couple! The owner/chef Raju is personable and made the rounds to chat with the folks at each table. He hails from India via Nepal and has cooked most recently at Banjara in Toronto.

                We were treated to complimentary Hot and Sour Soup, that was incredibly flavourful, with a real kick. The chicken and lamb dishes were great. We also enjoyed a variety of vegetable dishes, that were all fresh and perfectly seasoned. The garlic rice was sensational. We were also treated to a custard dessert, a nice way to conclude the meal.

                We were advised that the intent is to change the menu on a regular basis so that even the regulars, such as ourselves, will find new and exciting flavours from time to time - including some Hakka style Chinese dishes that the chef has experience preparing.

                The restaurant was bustling tonight, likely due to the holiday, and apparently they have a busy take out service most days of the week.

                I'd highly recommend Bombay Hut and would be pleased to see it become one of the regular Avenue Road haunts.

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                  Maybe I am dizzy and confused, but it appears that you said you tried Bombay Hut for the first time on Valentine's Day. Later you said " even the regulars, such as ourselves,..."

                  Will I be classified as a regular after one visit also?

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                    We tried it out last night (15th) and it was very enjoyable. My wife is a huge fan of Banjara and we both love indian.

                    We were seated promptly and orders taken.

                    Chicken Pakora

                    Butter Chicken

                    Saag Paneer

                    Lamb Karahi


                    Garlic Naan


                    My personal highlight was the Saag Paneer of all things. It was a saag paneer with NO extra oil ... not even a glasten. It had the full flavour/seasoning and the paneer very good along with the prerequisite richness but you didn't get the mouthfeel of excess oil or greasiness. (as typified in the extreme by Lahore Tikka)

                    The butter chicken was tender, etc, etc, etc but for comparison was a tad more tomatoey than Banjara or other spots. Good seasoning and mild was quite mild (as requested).

                    Lamb Karahi ... good. Lamb pieces were good sized and tender but not pulled meat style.

                    Breads ... good.

                    Rice ... it was rice.

                    Gulab jamun ... comp dessert. I normally don't like GJ but warm was nice and the inside almost had a custard/cream taste to it. Very good.

                    Definitely on our Indian go to list. Atmosphere is a little more contemporary than Banjara and still has the nice clean feel of a new establishment.

                  2. I enjoyed Bombay Hut's food tonight. Generous portions, lower prices than Copper Chimney or Bread Bar, and light-handed with ghee & other oils.
                    Tried the veg appetizer platter (1 large samosa, 3 pieces paneer pakora, 2 pakora, 4 onion bhaji), tandoori cauliflower, bhindi bhaji, makhani daal, jeera rice, methi naan. Probably would skip appetizer platter next time, but would order the veggie mains again. All the veggie dishes were priced under $10, which is less than I've been paying elsewhere.

                    Friendly service. Will be back soon.