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Nov 12, 2011 09:25 AM


I have read very mixed reviews on C-hound about Vizards.

I have a reservation there for later this month, but am thinking about canceling and going to Cowbell instead. (Earlier this year, a loyal C-hound had good things to say about Vizards which is the main reason I had it on my list.)

Any updates or thoughts?

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  1. Oh that's right: on 10/3/11 califkatie posted (on my Thanksgiving in NOLA post) that I need to go to Vizard's? and report back. It has an 88% like it on urbanspoon but most reviews look older. I am really unsure about this one,since no one seems to be speaking up in its defense. Maybe we will just do Coquette and sit at the bar. Will for sure let the board know what if we go.

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      i looked at urbanspoon and yelp to see but you are right, mostly older reviews. The menu looks good. one review said it was tapaslike. you could stop by for a glasss of wine and a few plates. it sure is off everyone's radar. okay, we'll await your review of your trip.

    2. It's in my neighborhood, so I've been thinking of trying it, but I've just never heard anyone say anything positive about it. :(

      1. We've been there a couple of times in te last few months, and always enjoy it. I can't picture where you would have a glass of wine and small plates. It's rather a small place. There is adjacent off street parking, in case you so go.

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        1. Hate to say for sure, but it seems to me as though there are a very small number of bar spots, like < 4. Maybe you could call and ask. We've always made reservations and sat at a table.

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            Thanks all! Will let you know if we end up there. And will give a full report of my 11/23 - 11/30 trip.

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              Don't go. The menu is all small plates, even things that don't warrant it like a duck breast and beef dish. Kinda goofy. Should've left the menu alone. Not bad, just not worth going to vs. some many more worthy places.

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                We specifically went last time to order the winning Nocca student entree, and no one in the party ordered a different entree, but I don't consider what we served as a small plate at all. The time before that, we ordered salads and entrees. It just doesn't equate to a small dish place. Vega is all small plates, which we love, but vizard's? Not really. I hate to be argumentative, but I had to respond.

          2. Don't listen to them. I love this restaurant. It is one of my top 10 in New Orleans. Also, please be aware that they have gone back to doing full dinners rather than small plates. Kevin Vizard makes the best creme brulee in the city. Also, his appetizer of eggplant with fresh lump crabmeat is one of my favorite dishes in New Orleans. Now, be prepared for a very small, intimate restaurant. It is also rather dressy. Located in uptown New Orleans, an area known for being a bit snooty, this place caters mostly to local swells. The fact that half of the people all know each other might turn others off as it is kind of clubby. Still, the owners could not be nicer and the waiters are excellent. Food is prepared to order so it can get just a bit slow. Just order a few appetizers and have some wine. I really love Vizards and would certainly choose it any day over a burger place like Cowbell which is very good but in comparison, I would pick creole food like that served at Vizards rather than hamburgers. Good luck. if you do end up going to Vizards, do write back. I hope you enjoy it.

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              I'd say mikey summed it up nicely.

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                Thank you. Agree about the eggplant and crabmeat app. And the chocolate/blue cheese dessert.

                We don't know anybody else dining there, and have never felt that we were outsiders.