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How Abnormal Is It NOT to eat turkey @ Thanksgiving

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our family isnt into turkey. we have ribs, shrimp, an oyster bake. some sides. are we out of control weird??

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  1. No. If you don't like turkey why bother with all the prep and work that comes with it only to be left with something you don't care for? Enjoy.

    1. It's only "abnormal" in the sense that most people do eat turkey, but if you and your family would rather have something else, by all means, do it! I myself am not into turkey, so when our little family goes out, hubby and kid do the turkey thing and I have beef or seafood, which I like SO much better than the bird (and its carcass in my fridge for the whole week afterward).

      Do what feels right for you...diversity is what this country is about.

      So you do an oyster bake? Can I come to your house for Tday? :)

      1. Not a single one of my vegetarian freinds eat turkey on Thanksgiving. Not abnormal at all.

        1. You're probably closer to the original Pilgrims' menu than you know. Turkey was not the centerpiece of the original menu, if it was on it at all.

          Statistics aren't everyting. March to your own drummer.

          1. Not abnormal at all. I think you should eat foods that evoke a genuine sense of gratitude, one of which is never, ever going to be turkey IYM. I don't hate turkey. It's just boring.

            This year I am going to eat alone on Thanksgiving, and I will have stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberries, and something for dessert that is not pumpkin pie, which I truly do loathe. Either creme caramel or a cranberry tart.

            1. Because I work retail stupid hours to cater to the losers, excuse me customers that are there at 5 am, I usually am only awake for 7 or 8 hours, so it's usually something I can bang out in twenty minutes such as fried shrimp, oysters, or speckled trout. This year, our store is opening at midnight to cash in on the greed, but lo and behold, I have drawn the cush mid shift 7 am to 4 pm Friday. It will be turkey breast and wings on the grill, Happy Thanksgiving for my lovely wife and myself, for once.

              1. Not weird at...a lot of us in San Francisco, including my family have Dungeness crab

                1. Not weird! Go with what you love!
                  I'm making deconstructed duck - whole legs cooked on top of dressing and breasts done rare.

                  1. 4.4 % won't eat turkey. Out of control weird are 2%. So you have a safety buffer of 45.4 % if Thanksgiving at your home doesn't make the 10 o'clock news.

                    1. We never have turkey at my mom's house. It's always Chinese hot pot. And I'm happy for it.