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Nov 12, 2011 09:12 AM

Good eats in Downtown St Louis

I'm staying downtown at the Renaissance Grand and several of the restos recommended here are a bit farther than I want to cab -- I'd rather save the $$ for good food, I've got a reservation for Niche Sunday but was wondering what would be a good bet for Saturday night. I'm looking for contemporary St. Louis cooking. Also, is there a good breakfast joint within walking distance? TIA!

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  1. For breakfast, you'e probably going to want to go to Rooster, which also does Sunday brunch. Years ago, the RG Hotel actually did a very good breakfast - if the lemon pancakes are still on the menu, move heaven and earth to eat them. You're not far from Mosaic, and I'm sure there's somewhere else that I can't bring to mind at the moment.

    Not so contemporary but in walking distance and very local are two family owned Italian restaurants, one, J F Sanfilippo's, is in the Drury Inn on Broadway, and the other will be a surprise to regular readers. But we had a good meal the other night at Gio's, which si at 9th & Market, with a fine veal chop and excellent pappardelle with a first-rate bolognaise sauce. And a dessert they call a strawberry bruschetta which is more or less a strawberry shortcake w/ grilled poundcake and quite good, considering how out of season the berries are.

    J F Sanfilippo's Restaurant
    705 N Broadway, Saint Louis, MO 63102

    1. Make a reservation at Blood and Sand. It's members only, but I'll bet if you call and ask, they will let you come. Great cocktails. Menu is great looking and the food that I have tried there was really good.

      1. Prime 1000 is a fun place for high end cocktails and expensive, but very good steaks; and, as discovered during several of the Cards' playoff games, the bar is a great place to watch a game and enjoy very, very good appetizers and salads.

        1. I always hear raves about the burgers at Anthony's bar. .Housed I believe in the same building as the famous Tony's restaurant-

          <Anthony’s is one of the best kept secrets in the city. It’s a small bar owned by Tony’s downtown. It reminds us of an upscale gin joint from the 1940’s. You feel as though you are in Casablanca...


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            Note, if you click the link to "menu" you get Tony's very upscale dinner menu. If you click the link to Tony's, there is a link to Anthony's Bar lunch and dinner menus. While Tony's sometimes gets slighted on this board for being overly formal and not overly contemporary, the food at either is topnotch.

          2. St. Louis "contemporary" cooking might be a challenge, especially downtown, if by contemporary you mean challenging or especially creative.

            For downtown, I'd echo Rooster for breakfast and put a word in for The Bridge Tap Room and Wine Bar nearby. Also downtown, you might try Bailey's Range, which is a new burger restaurant; burgers are pretty good and they do a decent job of trying to offer some contemporary options.