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Nov 12, 2011 09:05 AM

Lookinng for Salt Pork

Just made a few calls to Trader Joe's and Alexander's Meats and coming up with blanks. Know where I can find this stuff?

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  1. Try a major retailer; Albertsons, Safeway, Smiths, Vons, Food4Less etc... or a Mexican supermarket like Cardenas. My Dad used it in his baked beans, and he never had a problem finding it in Northern CA. I just saw some the other day, might have been at a Food4Less.

    1. I've always been able to find it at Ralph's

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        Yup. I think it's Hormel. Right there next to the bacon in all the stores I've been in. Got some when I'd stumbled across a fried SP with milk gravy recipe in our old Fannie Farmer. Not for us old guys more than once or twice a year, but DAMN it was good!

      2. I get it at Whole Foods. Even some of the smaller ones by me (Santa Monica) have it with the bacon and other packaged meats.

        1. I get mine at Sprouts...


          1. Stater Bros usually has Hormel.