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Nov 12, 2011 08:13 AM

Restaurant Hours

If you own a restaurant ... PLEASE ... show your hours on your Home Page. Don't make me and everyone else have to guess if they're on your Menu Page, Maps/Directions Page, Lunch Menu, About Us Page, Contact Us Page, or where ever else your imagination pleases.

Just put the hours on the Home Page.

Thank You

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    1. Restaurant hours don't mean much if a diner thinks it's okay to show up minutes before the posted hours of opening or closing hours.

      I suggest you use their telephone contact number instead. As noted in the above thread, restaurants need to be flexible with their hours to manage their labor hours, emergencies, unforeseen circumstances and inclement weather. Also, not all restaurants have websites.

      Btw..... a good rule of kitchens close 30-60 minutes of posted hours if they are listed.

      1. Or, if you are in a place like Las Vegas, their are many 24 hr places to get good eats, so you don't worry about hours =).