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Nov 12, 2011 07:54 AM

Need Help for Birthday Dinner Ideas

My daughter is turning 15 and we are looking for a hip, cool place to take her and some friends for dinner in the Dallas area. Went to Benihana last year and that was ok, but looking for something fun and different. All ideas are welcome!!!

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  1. If you think their palates are sophisticated enough, Samar would be great fun. 560 at Reunion Tower could be good, too.
    I would consider Neighborhood Services on Lovers Lane a contender but, they don't take reservations.

    Neighborhood Services
    5027 W Lovers Ln, Dallas, TX

    1. A Chef's Table would be a memorably fun and impressive experience for them. Most are at the finer dining restaurants ($$$$), but the more affordable, Buca di Beppo has one in their kitchens I believe.