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Non-Stick SS Roasting Pans and Tasty Brown Bits?

Dansky Nov 12, 2011 07:48 AM

Has anyone else has had trouble acquiring "brown bits" while trying to deglaze a non-stick roasting pan?

I've had better luck using enameled cast iron for this (cooking chicken), but lack the larger size needed to roast a turkey. Our largest roasting pan is non-stick, and it doesn't seem nearly as effective as other materials. I've never been a huge fan of stainless steel cookware, btw. Would prefer a heavy gauge raw aluminum pan, if they even make them.

Thoughts, ideas, and feedback are appreciated.

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  1. g
    gilintx RE: Dansky Nov 12, 2011 07:55 AM

    What you're noticing is one of the biggest drawbacks of non-stick cookware. I love my non-stick stuff, but there are times when you'd like for something to stick just a little. I think you could find what you're looking for if you went to a restaurant supply store. Large, heavy gauge aluminium roasting pans are workhorses in restaurant kitchens, and you could probably find a good one there for not too much money.

    1. Chemicalkinetics RE: Dansky Nov 12, 2011 08:08 AM

      It is normal. This is the tradeoff. Foods stick to the stainless steel surface the easiest and also easily form brown bits (fond). Teflon nonstick cookware prevent food sticking, but it also minimize your ability to form brown bits.

      Like gilintx said, aluminum pans will work.

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