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Nov 12, 2011 04:39 AM

Omaha to Kansas City, MO--BBQ Trip

I am planning a drive from Kansas City to Omaha--any awesome bbq (or other) spots to make sure to hit?

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  1. There are quite a few threads on BBQ in KC, scroll down. In Omaha, what are you looking to spend and what kind of food do you like? Do you need a stop on the way?

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      I am actually heading down to Omaha from out of town, for a meeting and since I am a bbq fanatic, thought I would land in KC, do some bbq, and then drive up to omaha. is the bbq in omaha good enuf to be able to skip KC without feeling I missed somethig GREAT? If not, would love some rec's for top spot in KC, as well as anywhere else that might be along the way to Omaha. thx

      1. re: remdog99

        I would definitely try a few places in KC. I'm not dissing the q in Omaha, it's just not what I think of when I think of Omaha. In KC there are many strong opinions about who has the best q. I like but am not limited to Brobeck's for ribs, Jackstack on Metcalf for lamb ribs( alittle more of the corporate feel) and I liked Haywards the one time we tried it. Everybody seems to like Oklahoma Joe's. Arthur Bryant's seems hit or miss.

        Here is the most recent discussion.

        On the way to Omaha on 29 there is precious little choice. At least 29 is open now after a summer of flooding.

        You could of course detour slightly to Justus Drug Store in Smithville.
        It got quite a bit of press a few years ago. I haven't eaten there and don't know if it is still the "darling" it was a few years ago.

        Sometimes we stop at Frederick Inn(not BBQ) in St. Joe. It can be pretty good and is very reasonable. There are a few new places in St. Joe and some BBQ as well but I haven't been to them. Rib Crib, famous Dave's and Bandanas are chains. There were a couple of places right on 29 a steak house north of St. Joe I would avoid.

        Omaha is supposed to be known for it's steaks but we haven't found a great one yet. Some others on this board might speak to that though. We do like Dario's and Jam's when we visit.