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Nov 11, 2011 10:12 PM

Preferred customers and Open Table?

Does anyone know if a restaurant can "flag" diners in Opentable (OT) so they are notified if a preferred customer has made an OT reservation? There is one local restaurant that treats us very well because I posted some nice stuff about them during Restaurant Week. When we ate there the last time, the host/co-owner came out and greeted us as soon as we arrived. I guess they might check the reservation list for the night to see who is coming in, but it would be much easier if they could have OT and their reservation system highlight preferred customers -- then it's right there for them to see.

Note I thought I was posting this as a reply in another thread, which is why I abbreviated Opentable as OT. I have asked the mods to fix that.

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  1. "I guess they might check the reservation list for the night to see who is coming in"


    that is monitored all day, all week, so we know who is coming, where to seat them and to make a floor-plan for the servers.

    i feel like this is 2 questions:

    opentable makes certain people vip's after a certain number of reservations/points, what have you. that doesn't mean much to individual restaurants. you might book through ot 7 nights a week but be a dreaded difficult guest.

    however, there is a function where we can add notes/comments about guests. that you prefer table 42, that you drink only bottled water so the waiter doesn't have to ask, etc. this makes your dining experience flow and is a great tool for us resto peeps.

    nice of you to take the time to give a good review. the feedback is great and see how grateful the restaurant is? well done! supposedly if a person has a good experience they will tel 2 friends. if they have a lousy one, they will tell 10. social media is changing this in a big way, so it's extra important to show appreciation when guests proclaim happiness.

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      My real question was whether the restaurant gets notified that a particular guest (who you have previously flagged in the system) has a reservation that night so you don't need to look through the list to find out. I guess it could work the other way as well -- being notified that a problem customer is coming in. Presumably you would make a note of that when taking a reservation over the phone so you need a substitute.

      And yes, I always post about my experiences during Restaurant Week. I didn't mention it in the first post, but a second restaurant I had posted something nice about after RW this year also treated me very well when we went back. Both places gave me an extra appetizer for free and treated me particularly well. I always joke that it's much nicer to have a nice restaurant say "Glad to see you again Mr. Bill" rather than hearing that at McDonalds :-).

      1. re: MisterBill2

        it's imperative to look through the reservations. it's simply a normal function of running the restaurant.

    2. I do not know, exactly how one is flagged with an OT reservation. Maybe a restauranteur can clarify that. For some years, OT has called me a "VIP," but I have no idea exactly what that might mean?

      With OT, we always have had excellent service, but I have no ideas if that has anything to do with a profile, or they just extend that level of service to all.

      Wish that I could help more,


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      1. re: Bill Hunt

        You come up as OpenTable VIP if you make OT reservations at least 12 times in a year. Back when I did hosting we ignored it; we knew you ate out frequently, but that was it.

        1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester


          Thank you for that. I had never really considered that "VIP" status, and had zero idea how I came to get it, or what it meant, or did not mean.



      2. Restaurants can make notes about you on their OpenTable computer. There are sections for reservation notes (single-time things like birthdays, or requesting a patio table), and sections for guest notes (vegetarian, always drinks martinis before dinner, prefers quiet tables). The computer flags reservation notes with a little red triangle, and guest notes with a little yellow triangle. We can also look at your guest record to see how many times you've dined as a reservation, how many times you've been a walk-in, how many reservations you've cancelled, and how many times you've no-showed. Each restaurant's information is only at that restaurant, and can't be seen by any other restaurant.

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