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Nov 11, 2011 08:43 PM

Fat Bastard Burrito Co.

It’s been some time since I written here at Chowhound, sadly my special and very limited diet does not allow me to eat out. For a treat once and a while I have gone for a burrito. The Burrito Boyz are just around the corner from me. I’ve eaten a few burritos from here, nothing much to talk about, basically a warm concoction that does not taste like much. One day my wife and I decided to try Fat Bastard Burrito Co., which is almost right across the street, what a difference a few yards make!

Now I’m no expert on burrito’s or Mexican style food, closes I’ve ever been to Mexico is the last time I was in Tampa Fla., which was about 30 years ago. The difference between Burrito Boyz and Fat Bastard Burrito Co. is bigger than the distance between Tampa and Mexico!

Fat Bastard Burrito Co. burrito is not one flavor like Burrito Boyz. There are layers of flavour in their Burrito. I generally get the Big Tequila Lime, which has at least 4 different layers of flavour in the burrito. For me the Burrito Boyz burrito is just one flavour, you can never distinguish between anything in their burrito.

In the Big Tequila Lime burrito there is the acid from the lime, meatiness from the chicken, creaminess from the sour cream/bastard sauces, and the combination of both fresh and cooked vegetables. There is fresh chopped jalapenos that add imho enough heat. But if you really want heat they have a hot sauce that will rock your world both coming and going. For me it is too hot, it takes away from the other wonderful flavours in the burrito.

We have only tried the chicken, but I believe that the beef is the brisket and is slowed cooked which should make for a tasty treat. Unsure how the pork is cook or what cut is used, but I would assume that the amount of attention given to the layering of flavours in their burrito, that the pork is not just your run of the mill tube of sausage meat.

There is also texture in the Fat Bastard Burrito, the noodles are crispy, the chicken is not mush, and there are good size chunks of meat, the roasted vegetables are not rubbery they are al-dente. And there is some liquid in the burrito not just from the sour cream and bastard sauce, but also from the pico de gallo and roasted chicken. This is one fine burrito!

Furthermore, I was sitting there waiting for my order and I read that they sell Mexican Coke. I had to ask how one uses Mexican Coke; do you smoke or drink it? Well much to my surprise it came in a bottle and you do drink it. For $2.00 for a bottle of coke I thought what the heck, bottle always taste better than plastic imho.

This is not your run of the mill coke. Those who can remember the taste of pop before the Cornification of our food supply, this is it. Coke in a bottle made with sugar not corn syrup. Man did it taste good, I sat there enjoying this bottle of pop and it brought back memories of when I was a kid, a sort of coke flash-back if you will.

The Mexican Coke has a almost bitter/sweet taste too it, nothing like the Coke made with corn syrup and then stored in plastic for god knows how long. Sitting there drinking my Mexican Coke I could remember back to the days when you could buy a 16oz bottle of Coke, which sat in a cooler with cold water, and it cost twelve cents with a two cent deposit.

Now I’m not wishing to start a war between Fat Bastard Burrito Co. and The Burrito Boyz. They are almost right across the street from each other and I had a couple of burritos from The Burrito Boyz before going to Fat Bastard Co. It is hard for me to not compare the two even though there is no real comparison.

Fat Bastard Burrito Co is located at 1180 The Queensway (between Kipling & Islington)
Etobicoke, ON, M8Z 1R5. Web site

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  1. I agree with you on the deliciousness of fat bastard. For others not familiar, noodles is an option instead of rice. I have never tried it because it just seemed wrong...but now I will. Thanks!

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    1. re: justsayn

      Actually, the guys at Chino Locos , I believe, were the first to put 'mein noodles' in their burritos. They've got 2 locations

      Chino Locos
      459 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y, CA

      1. re: 5andman

        Thanks 5andman, the web site shows some good looking burritos at Chino Locos. It's bit of a trip for me, however, the next time I'm in the area I'll give them a try.

        Chino Locos
        459 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y, CA

    2. I love this place! Burrito Boyz can't the sauteed shrimp and all the extra toppings you get....I skip on the beans/rice and go for the noodles and stir fried the crunchy chips they crush on top too!
      ...i saw they offer deep fried Snickers...tempted to try!!

      Burrito Boyz
      218 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5H1W7, CA

      1. Thanks for the post, I'll be going there today.

        FYI, Burritos aren't traditional Mexican anyways, more of a tex mex thing. They're also likely popular in the north of Mexico as well. Anywhere else in Mexico you'll be hard pressed to find someone who knows what a Burito is. The word means "little donkey" so they'd think you mean eating a donkey, for real.

        As for coke, the coke in Mexico is indeed better, and waaaay cheaper. It will say right on the bottle the recommended price. A glass 500ml bottle is 5 pesos I think, and a small 300ml bottle is 3 pesos. $1 cdn = about 12 pesos.

        1. IMHO both Burrito Boyz and Fat Bastard Burrito are bland and quite tasteless. They give you a great selection of toppings, service is great, but the final product is a melange of MEH. Where are the spices, the smoky meaty goodness? I need to at least taste a touch of cumin, cinnamon, chili, even the slightest char on the meat filling? Everything just seems under seasoned and the meat toppings almost steamed or boiled.

          If you want a decent burrito in the GTA, the best I've found is Chorizo in Milton. I actually drive there whenever I find myself in Missisauga for lunch, it's WAY out of the way, but worth it. Apparently they have other locations too.

          Still the GTA is a black hole for solid tex mex. Why can a thousand food trucks in the southern US nail it, but with all the foodie brains and ethnic backgrounds in Toronto, cant we get some decent tex mex or mex? ARGH!

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          1. re: Oatz

            Oatz I have been to the Southdown location only once and thought that they have a great setup. Grill the meat and grill the meat in front of you and also serve beer, what a combo! The beer was good, but the meat was dry and tasteless, salt anyone. I’m not happy with them cutting open the meat to see if it is done, after all the kids working in places like this never cook before anyway, but I am learning to live with this. But while I sat there and watched two different people cooking the meat on the grill, cutting the meat open to see if it is done, well my chicken was done about 5-8 minutes sooner. Then you talk about seasoning, cumin, chili, etc… I did not taste any of these flavours in my burrito.

            Fat Bastards is way too hot for me, but even so, there is flavour in the meat and also equally important, there is moisture in the meat. Yea I agree that if they toasted some cumin, then ground it up and then add it to their chicken, it would taste even better. Less heat and more spice would work for me. But despite this fact, their Burrito is still the best that I have tasted yet.

            Chorizo is better than Burrito Brothers, but most food from anywhere is, I was not impressed by Chorizo. Imho Chorizo does not compare with Fat Bastards burrito on many levels except for the beer.

          2. I saw a sign in a window on Queen W that Fat Bastard Burritos is opening up..around Ossington area

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            1. re: burlgurl

              Fat Bastard is def much better then Burrito Boyz which imo sucks.

              I did not know that they were opening up a location downtown. I know that they are opening up a spot at Dixie + Burnamthorpe as well.

              Hopefully the added locations won't take away from the quality of the food.

              1. re: squirms

                And now they're coming to Pickering. I saw a "Coming soon" sign at the plaza at the north side of Kingston east of Whites (across the road from Lone Star) -- not the newer plaza with Pig Out BBQ, Mary Brown's, and Crabby Joe's, but the older one that has the Bank of Montreal and Little Tokyo Sushi.

                I'll try them once they're here given the positive reviews. Mucho Burrito is also out this way; how do they compare with Fat Bastard, Boyz, and Z-Teca?

                1. re: TexSquared

                  What I like about Mucho Burrito is that you can get's a good way to try a couple of meats..I like to get a hard shell and a couple soft shells..
                  I like the tilapia option