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Nov 11, 2011 08:34 PM

Wyckoff - Bourbon BBQ Take 2 Review

As a semi-regular customer of the old Bourbon BBQ, I was looking forward to the return of this restaurant. As most of you know, they had a bad fire almost two years ago, which destroyed the restaurant. The place has been completely rebuilt. They opened last Monday, and on Tuesday, I decided to check out the new Bourbon BBQ.

It was a disappointment,

OK, let's start with the good. The place is really nice inside. Much nicer than before, in fact. But I couldn't help but feel that despite the seemingly "down home" appearance inside, Bourbon BBQ 2 is a restaurant targeted to an affluent crowd wanting a casual meal. (It's a highbrow "down home" appearance.)

Prices, in almost all cases, have been significantly increased, in some cases, more than 30%. Now I know rebuilding a restaurant in Wyckoff can't be cheap, and I knew prices would have had to go up some after nearly two years, but I wasn't expecting the prices to go up as much as they did. The most glaring example: a pound of brisket is now $16 instead of $12.

And while Bourbon BBQ 1 would sometimes give you a little extra meat, B BBQ 2 must have scales that measure to the thousandth of a ounce, because the 1/2 pound portion of brisket ($9) and the 1 lb. portion of pork ($12) I received were definitely no more than the advertised amounts.

So how was the food? Meh. The pork was lousy, not smoked at all, just a bunch of stewed-like meat in a soupy glop. The brisket was better, but not quite as good as it used to be. It was a whisker tough, but had decent smoke/ flavor. I also ordered a large mac and cheese ($6), which was a very large portion. But it was also incredibly bland, with virtually no seasoning. The best part of the meal was the fries, which tasted fresh and not frozen, although they were a bit limp by the time I got home.

For the prices charged, I expected much better. Maybe the food will get better as time goes on, but I can't see myself going here too often when I can go down to Buffalo's Chicken Shack in Wood-Ridge and get a mind-blowingly good pulled rib/pork sandwich for $6.49 (which not only includes probably close to a pound of meat, but a delicious buttery bun as well) or some real good mac & cheese as well as other similar items of better quality for significantly better prices.

Oh well. Bourbon BBQ 2 didn't do it for me. But thank goodness for The Shack.

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  1. so disappointing to hear. The area really (Bergen county) needs some solid BBQ places without having to schlep up to the Rockland places.

    1. I wish that I would have read your review earlier, Zhelder. We were also returning customers and disappointed ones when we went to lunch at the much-anticipated reopening of Bourbon BBQ.....I can't tell you how many times we have driven past the constuction project on Goffle Road after their fire with high hopes for their new venue. Well. the space is lovely and the service was friendly. But, the food is something that they need to work on.....if they want to keep business hopping. The chicken (from Goffle Road Farms) was fine, but the ribs were very bland and tough. We may try it again for lunch.....but I hope that this is just opening week kitchen jitters.

        Here's the story. I ordered their "10 piece" smoked chicken to take out, and I expected 10 pieces. When I opened the container I found that it was NOT 10 pieces, its ACTUALLY 6 pieces. Bourbon BBQ cuts each breast in 3- and counts those 2 breasts as 6 pieces. GEE, why not cut those 2 breasts into 5 or 6 pieces, and try to sell 6 pieces as 16 pieces? Or, cut each breast into 10 pieces- and try to pass it off as 24 pieces? Do you see my point?
        Well, apparently, no matter how politely I tried, the "manager" just didn't get it- and became unbelievably loud and belligerent.
        I had called to suggest they either GIVE 10 PIECES (since that is what anyone in their right mind would assume you are getting when you order the 10 piece chicken), and raise the price accordingly- OR, call it what it is- 6 pieces of chicken.
        The manager was snotty, argumentative, spoke over me, and then hung up on me. I was told that no one has EVER complained, and that they would definitely NOT be changing their menu to inform customers that they WON'T ACTUALLY GET 10 pieces when they order 10 pieces.
        What is astounding to me is that I was spoken to in this manner, in spite of the fact that I had been courteous in tone and words, and prefaced my remarks with a compliment- telling her my family had eaten there 2 weeks ago, and had picked up an order just LAST NIGHT! Her attitude lost a potentially loyal customer, who orders a lot of take-out.
        I live right up the street, am active in my kids schools, area charities, and am a local realtor- I entertain often and use many local caterers. I also do a lot of cross-networking, and love to promote area businesses to friends, family, and clients.
        Unfortunately, I will now be warning everyone I know that in Bourbon BBQ's World- 6=10. And, management is rude and unresponsive. I think I now understand why the parking lot is always empty when I drive by. Too bad. I wanted to like this place.

        1. The original comment has been removed