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Nov 11, 2011 07:48 PM

Tamis or Tamises?

OK, so the Thanksgiving stakes are high this year, what with hosting extended family in a new (1907) house and a $$$ fresh, organic, free-range, outcome-based-education turkey on order. I'm sweating the mashed potatoes. So last night I drag out Roy Finamore's and Molly Stevens' "One Potato Two Potato" and...


I read that the ne plus ultra of mashed potatoes requires that the mash be pushed through a tamis or drum-sieve. Not only don't I have one, I have to Google my butt off to find out what a tamis (suspiciously pronounced "tammy") is.

Who has one, and what should I look for, for my spuds? Nylon, wire, or horsehair? Wood rim, metal or plastic? Mesh size? What else can I use this for? And (God Forbid!) do I need a set?

To paraphrase a quote to El Duderino: Her [Thanksgiving's] fate is in your hands, Dude"

Or should I just let Fantes decide for me?


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  1. I always use a stainless one with fairly fine mesh. Also use it for sifting flour and stuff. The one I have is only about 8 inches across, you'd probably want a bigger one to make a large batch of mashed potatoes.

    1. Holy camoli. I come here for a request and my master has fallen off his pedestal.

      You and me both, K.

      FWIW, Peterson's _Glorious French Food_ uses tamis's almost exclusively (let's call them Fayes, how about?).

      Olny, in _The French Table_, more than once says that nylon ones are the one to get--which is my post query. Difficulty in cleaning, primarily. eGullet, I think, mentioned to get one larger than your intended receptacles, so it can be set atop it.

      So, where can I find a nylon one? Fantes doesn't have one.


      ETA: I just saw that the thread is a year old. I hope the K-dude is a happy bowler.