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Nov 11, 2011 07:35 PM

South Texas Style

Hi! I;m coming to Houston for business. I would like to have a meal at a restaurant that represents typical cuisine of the area. I am not even sure what locals call their cooking style??? Is it considered Tex-Mex? I live in lancaster, PA, and if you came to visit me I'd take you out for Pennsylvania Dutch food, and would end up in a family owned restaurant eating foods that you aren't going to find in that combination elsewhere. I am looking for the Houston area equivalent. I am staying in the Woodlands at a Marriott. The only requirements for a good spot would be not too hard to find and nothing in a sketchy neighborhood as I'm traveling alone. Don't care about prices, just want a little food adventure! Thanks!

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  1. South Texas style would more refer to mexican food I guess. South Texas is what is around the border near McAllen and Brownsville. We are considered more "Gulf Coast" I guess which would be seafood. Don't bother with the bbq (what the state is more known for) around here, it's not that special.

    I don't know about anything much in the Woodlands as I live an hour away from there on the other side of town. I would suggest doing a search for "Woodlands" in the Houston section and checking over the hits to see if anything interests you.

    Don't limit yourself to what style we are, Houston is enormous and there are so many different great styles here. Which ones belong to us, I have no idea.

    And if you are female, don't miss a trip to Sam Moon where you can walk off those great meals. Have a great trip!

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      Thanks for the Sam Moon tip! i am eager to taste my way through the Woodlands!

    2. I posting a link to B4UEAT, Spring/Woodlands.

      I lived up there years ago but has changed a lot, with more to offer, but also a million chains. Of the restaurants up there, Guadalajara does reasonably good TexMex, Becks Proime has a great burger, Kim Son does reliable Vietnamese, we have a huge Vietnamese population here. Landry's should be avoided at all costs, a bad chain, but a local born chain the does a decent job of Gulf Coast seafood is Pappadeaux. Haven't been in a while but I like the oysters Baton Rouge, in a cheese sauce, and the redfish Pontchartrain is a good piece of fish. They also do a good job of frying, shrimp, oysters and catfish. If you want to drive int Houston try El Tiempo on Washington for TexMex or Mardi Gras Grill fon Durham for Gulf seafood. For some reason my link doesn't show Woodlands restaurants, but to get them click on that link and go to neighborhoods, The Wooldlands, and you're there.

      Mardi Gras Grill
      1200 Durham, Houston, TX 77007

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        Try this link again.

        It's still not totally linking, but click on area of town and it works.

      2. I'm sure you'll find this on your own, since it's right across the street from your hotel, but allow some time to wander through Hubbell & Hudson (gourmet grocery). It's a great place to put together a snack for your hotel room, or find little treasures that you want to take home. They are also very generous with samples :-)