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Nov 11, 2011 07:19 PM

Bone-In Leg of Lamb -- How Should I Cook

I have a six-and-a-half pound, bone-in leg of lamb currently sitting in yogurt marinade in my fridge, to roast tomorrow night. My question is, how to go about it -- I've seen varying advice online.

-- Low and slow (325) or high then low (450, then 325), and how does a convection oven affect the cooking time on this?
- Keep the yogurt on or clean it all the way off?

Much appreciated.

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  1. No need to clean all the yogurt off just wipe the excess off with you hands.
    I like high heat 425 or so but if you find that it is browning too fast you can drop the the temp to 350
    Convection will shorten cooking time and brown the meat more. But you should be using a probe thermometer and go by internal temp. 130 for M Rare 135 for Medium
    Use a rack if you have one for more even cooking.

    1. dunno about convection, but i now almost always make spoon lamb. 7 hours. staggeringly good.

      it's the technique here. don't worry about the seasonings and such.

      1. I slow roast my leg of lamb @ 225* for 4.5-6.0 hours , depending on size, flipped halfway through cooking on a rack in a shallow roasting pan or sheet medium-rare temperature...Take it out of the oven for 30-45 minutes before serving, cover with a stainless steel bowl which is covered in a towel. During this time I put any items needed to be heated or roasted in the oven. When the sides are done, I put the lamb back into the oven to brown for 10 minutes on high neat, or broiled on each side for 4-5 minutes to develop some char. If it's not too cold out, I'll throw it on the grill to char the outside and give it a grilled taste.

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          How long at 225 for a 10 lb. bone in leg of lamb?

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            You go by Internal Temperate not Time.
            from the fourunder's post "I slow roast my leg of lamb @ 225* for 4.5-6.0 hours , depending on size"

        2. how'd you end up doing it? results? i have the same question for our lamb...

          1. I don't know about the yogurt, as I've never made it that way. As to cooking, when I grew up, my mother always seasoned the lamb leg with lots of sliced garlic, inserted into shallow cuts in the leg, S&P, Italian Seasoning, garlic powder and roasted it in a shallow pan at 350 degrees for 1.5 hrs. It always came out wonderfully. Maybe, for 6.5 lbs., 1.75 hrs. Good Luck!!

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              I would think that after 4 years cooking would not help much )-.: