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Nov 11, 2011 07:15 PM

Giesing Neighborhood in Munich

My wife and I are staying in the Giesing section of Munich for several days in mid-December. Anyone have any local recommendations in this part of the city, particularly along Grunwalderstr. or within walking distance of the Wetterstein Platz U-bahn?

Many thanks.

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  1. Unfortunately I cannot recommand any good restaurant in this neighbourhood (living less than 500m away) - all is very basic. Go with the tube (U1) 3 stations back to "Fraunhoferstrasse", where you sort in the middle of the hot spot "in"-area, with a lot of good restaurants of all kinds (Thai, India, etc.) in the streets around.

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    1. re: Lisa_Muc

      Thank you, Lisa.

      What do you think of Frauenhofer, just a short walk acc. to the map from Frauenhoferstr. U station?

      1. re: markdeac

        Hi Mark
        Fraunhofer is one of the most wonderful original "old" bavarian restaurants of Munic and absolutely authentic in - basic - food and "ambiente" - lovin' it!! Normally no tourists there.

        If not this restaurant - the restaurant section on the official Munich webpage is rather good, (nearly) no tourist trap tips there
        or you look on

        have a nice time in Munic!