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Nov 11, 2011 05:45 PM

Filet of Filley???

Filet of Filley -------- YEA OR NEIGH???????? and if yea, where???????

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  1. Sorry is this a question of where can you still buy horse meat in Paris? If so are you looking for a horse butcher or a restaurant that has horse meat on the menu?

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Thanks to Brigitte Bardot and the very successful "lutte contre l'hippophagie", horse meat is pretty much of a no-no... just a handful of boucheries-chevalines remain in Paris and these seem to cater mostly to elderly scarved women who throw on a raincoat over their nightdresses to do their "courses"/ shopping errands ... there used to be one on the rue Poteau near your apartment but I'm not sure if it still exists... if it does, ask the guy what local restaurants he supplies (if any).

          Maybe some restaurants like Louchebem in Les Halles might have it OFF the menu but you'd have to ask the waiter (in a whisper) if it's available... the only restaurant that persists in advertised "hippophagie" is a cabaret sort of place near Ternes (17e) that specializes in donkey steaks and xenophobic comedians.

          To redeem yourself in the eyes of pikawicca, I suggest you make a little trip in March to Auteuil in the 16th, Saint-Cloud or Fontainebleau hippodromes for the races or to Chantilly for the horse museum and riding exhibitions in the chateau's stables. This is the best way by far to enjoy horse flesh.

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            Definitely the Prix de Diane in the 1st wkend of June. The Herm├Ęs tent ou rien.

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              For the OP, it will be rien.... he (the Minnesota guy from the common people thread) will be here in March... not a prime prix time :)

          2. If looking for a chevaline, a horse butcher, two still functioning ones are on Rue Cadet on its market st and at the Sunday market at Bastille about half way up on the right just after a gap in the market. While this guy is grumpy, at least to me, he does have filet. If you are doing this to try it it, do filet, light cooking and quite interesting, meat is sweeter than most other meats, and as cooked less than other cuts will have a truer taste.

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              "on Rue Cadet on its market st"

              I think that one is gone. I will check.