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Nov 11, 2011 04:07 PM

Skinny/Slim/Healthy BMI Chowhounds

How do you do it?

I alternate between eating what I want and eating a very restricted diet. I also exercise and almost never drink calories unless it is for a special item or a vacation. I have a tiny frame and an average metabolism but a ravenous appetite and an absolute obsession with food. My genes are not that great either as both of my parents and one of my sibs are all overweight.

Are you just blessed?
Do you limit portions?
Do you workout alot?

Come and share your secret.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I am blessed and I limit my portion. The truth is that limiting portion can become easier and easier. Once you get used to a smaller portion, then you will feel fill with a smaller portion.

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      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

        I have noticed that. I used to love huge portions. Now I get full more quickly. Also I think that first few bites of food taste the best.

        1. re: t19103

          :) Agree. By the way, why do you put a link to this post here. It is like a circular link. You know... a mirror in a mirror -- infinite.

      2. I am a low carber for my day -to- day eating. I eat very little starches and almost no sugar. The high protein and high fats keep me always feeling full and slim. I can't remember the last time I was actually hungry. I cook things from scratch that most people don't. Since my BMI is great and I have amazing health markers- I eat what I want -when I want a "treat"..... it is just that I don't want a treat so much anymore. I have no concern for calories with this eating pattern. I also occasionally do some intermittent fasting, increase walking and sprints, use more coconut oil, if I want to shed a few pounds for some reason or prepare for an adventure.

        I tend to be a bit "paleo" in my exercise and it suits me more now than going to a gym. I was a gym rat in my 20's and 30's. I also like adventurous outdoor sports that are fun- and that keeps me in shape seasonally. I think working out with weights or doing resistance exercises using your own body weight-and adding extra protein- helps those of us that are over 50 to keep muscle fairly easily.

        I also have an obsession with food- but my obsession is now in cooking AMAZINGLY healthy food that meets my discerning taste standards :) It took me a while to adjust to cooking differently, but it has been fun and I love learning new things. when I go out to eat- I usually order whatever I feel like because I know that the "rest of the week" I think is my own healthy cooking -so it's no big deal. I think it is harder to manage health and weight if you go out to eat alot.

        1. Definitely not genetically blessed. But I work out 6 days a week, and try to follow an 80/20 plan: 80% of my meals are very healthy - lean protein, whole grains, tons of furits and vegetables; 20% of the time, or about 4-5 meals per week, I eat whatever I want. I never go hungry, and like Chemicalkinetics said, as my eating habits have changed I find that I'm generally satisfied with smaller portions, particularly when it comes to fatty, rich foods.

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          1. re: cookie monster

            I also follow cookie monster's rule and I am around food 24/7. I'm a small frame (weight/height) and could easily bloom way past a healthy weight if I didn't keep my personal portions (no matter what I'm baking/preparing) and my workouts routine. I use small plates and my desire for sugar has decreased with age while my spice love has increased. It's all a balance; every day.

            1. re: cookie monster

              If most people would do this, it would make a huge difference in the health of this country (or the world, actually). And, it would eliminate the guilty feelings too many people have when they eat something fatty, rich.

              As alternating between all out and extra restrictive, as in the OP, that's worst for your health than just staying at a higher than desired weight. Yoyo dieting is bad for your heart (and mind).

            2. I eat/drink what I like, in moderation, but generally only have two meals per week that include meat.
              I never (if I can help it) eat processed or prepared or fast food.
              I had gallstones four years ago, and learned a lot about an animal fat-free diet while I was waiting for surgery. (lost about 20 pounds in three months, too)
              I ride my bike to work (10-15 minutes each way), and my work is active - I teach yoga.
              I'm carrying five pounds that I'd rather not, but have made my peace with that, rather than always wishing I could have that dessert, or piece of bread.
              I am also blessed that I am tall, and healthy enough to make regular exercise part of my life.

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              1. re: hungryjoanne

                I am cursed that I am short, which means that I can't even think of eating "normal" portions served to average-size people. Sigh.

                If I eat about 1100 calories a day, I stay in the 112-114 lb range--like hungryjoanne, this is still about 5 lbs more than I'd like, but I too have made my peace with that. I run about 16 miles and do a couple of Pilates-esque classes each week. If I want to lose any weight (which happens if I've been over-indulgent for a few weeks), I have to eat less than 700 calories a day. It's infuriating.

                Otherwise, I eat more or less anything except prepared/processed/fast food. Just not that much of it.