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Nov 11, 2011 04:04 PM

San Jose del Cabo - December 2011 - Suggestions Please!

I'm celebrating my 2 year anniversary with my wife staying at the One & Only. We are both foodies and love exploring the locales so we are looking for some restaurant recommendations for dinner as well as lunch or two. I truly appreciate the help in advance. Thanks!

Feel free to recommend restaurants of all price ranges.

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  1. Deckman's -

    True farm to table. Most of the menu is local or Baja products. Only all Baja wine list in Baja.

    Big thumbs up on this one.

    1. Congratulations! In my opinion, the very best authentic food are the spots where the locals go. You may be the only tourists there, depending on the night and the time you go. Here are two that we loved - both are very reasonable.

      Wherever we go, I make a point to ask around about the best local places. EVERYONE said the same thing, "Oh you'll want the Hangman". So we went ... and then went again!

      The Hangman is just amazing. A true Taqueria. It's a family run place and the service is very friendly. The tables are covered with small earenware bowls with homemade condiments, sauces and small potatoes and such. You'll use these in various combinations to augment the amazing tacos that you'll be ordering. I'd recommend that you get at least one tongue taco, to try, and sample just whatever to your heart's content. Prices are very cheap so you might want to order too much (easy to do) and then just sample them as you like.

      The link will help you find them - they are a few blocks up from the local road in a neighborhood. A second place that is amazing, and good for a lunch is some kinda no-name place RIGHT on the main road, a bit North of there, on the North-bound side - and there will be a big sign "MARISCOS". The fried fish and oysters are both fantastic. You can sit far enough back that the road noise will be fairly minimal.

      Here's a link that may also be useful to you, with loads of user reviews by folks just like you and me.


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        I'm going to Cabo next month too, and really excited about the trip. I just watched an episode of Chuck's Week Off on the Cooking Channel all about Cabo. Chuck went to The Office to make a signature lobster omelette with the owner. It's definitely on my list for places to eat when I'm there! There's also a restaurant at the Cabo Azul Resort called Javier's that has beautiful upscale ambiance and not too far from the One & Only. Enjoy!

      2. I'm an American who has lived and worked as a realtor in Cabo for six years. I live in San Jose. Manuel's at the Tiendas de Palmilla is considered the top fine dinding choice. I heard the Palmilla restuarants are quite overpriced. I second the recommendation for Deckmans.

        I would also recommend pizza at the Baja Brewing Company, casual classic Italian at Pasquales -, and a real cool Argentinian steak place super reasonably priced called Barrio del Tango. They are on Facebook but only in Spanish. It's in a quasi residential neighborhood in the downtown Arts District.

        Mercado del Mar in the hotel zone has excellent fresh local seafood. As does a new place downtown called La Pesca. Mercado del Mar smokes their own fresh tuna and Marlin.

        Flora Farms is also a unique dining experience that is farm to table. I've not yet been, but plan to go. Everyone loves it here. Have a great time.

        Also, on a non-food note, I recommend trying stand up paddleboarding on the beach at Palmilla. Maybe I'l see you there.

        One more recommendation is the French Bakery in the Arts District.