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Nov 11, 2011 03:52 PM

Looking for great meals in Newport, RI

Hey all. I live in Seattle but am coming to Newport for a couple of nights later in the month and was hoping to get some suggestions for lunches and dinners. My wife and I love to eat and while I detest the term "foodie", it probably does adequately describe us. We love all types of foods but creative cuisine and local ingredients are a huge plus.

I've done some research on this board and others and have come up with the following list. Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Tallulah -- looked like the best dinner option but they're closed for the week we'll be there (11/20 and 11/21)

TSK -- also looked great but also closed for the nights we're in town

Mooring -- seems to be our best option for a dinner but curious to hear thoughts. The website and reviews I've read seem very positive

Fluke -- not sure if they're open but seems like a great choice for a more casual dinner. Maybe they're open for lunch too?

Salvation Cafe -- also looks fantastic but like Fluke, seems more casual. I certainly could be wrong though.

Perro Salado -- we tend to eat a fair amount of Mexican here on the West Coast but I really like the looks of this place too.

As you can see, I think we have it narrowed down a bit but I'd love to hear you thoughts. Thanks much in advance for any responses.

Perro Salado
19 Charles St, Newport, RI 02840

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  1. We always dine at The Mooring when we visit Newport. Of course, we also dine at Tallulah's. I'm sorry that they're closed while you're there. Maybe next time, you'll have the opportunity.
    At The Mooring, we usually order cocktails, appetizers, and seafood from their raw bar. We've never been disappointed.

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      Thanks for the response. Think we'll do the Mooring one night and then play the rest by ear.