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May 8, 2006 04:02 PM

Aussie Food in L.A.

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Does anyone know where to find authentic Australian food (meat pies, sausage rolls, lamingtons, etc.) in Los Angeles?


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  1. Hi... The Tudor House (2nd st. in Santa Monica), though a tea/brunch spot, has an adjoining british grocery shop and take out counter, with meat pies and sausage rolls and much more in its display case; plus lots of cool canned and packaged goodies like treacle, spotted dick, and vegemite and spreads. Don't know the difference between authentic australian and authentic british fare, but it may fit the bill for you...

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      Do they have Tim Tams by any chance? A friend brought me some back from Australia once and I cannot get them out of my head. If they don't do you know where I can find them here in LA (prefer. on the westside)

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        These English places really specialize in English foods and imports, not Australian products like Tim Tams. Although with the food in the English places closely crossing over to Aussie dishes. I mean the traditional Aussie hot foods like pies and sausage rolls really are english.

        As for Aussie products like Tim Tams (which for me were replaced by Mint Slices once I tried them) and Cherry Ripes, you are best off ordering on-line, I've had luck with the company below.


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          You can find TIm Tams at Mel & Rose's on Melrose. They also have other Aussie candy - Licorice Bullets, redskins, etc..

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            You can find Tim Tams and some other Aussie lollies (licorice bullets, redskins, etc..) at Mel & Rose's on Melrose (E. of La Cienega on the South Side of the Street)

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        sally from LA

        Sadly, Jeff, there is no local source of really authentic Aussie fresh foods, and I should know, being Australian. The best you can hope for is imported biscuits and sweets. Do you know what I miss most? The fish and chips.

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          Haven't you been able to find Fish & Chips that are at least substantially similar in L.A.?

          According to the info source below, Aussie's consume cod in theirs, although slightly different from the English cod; therefore, what makes an order of Aussie "Fish & Chips" different from the English standard?


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            sally from LA

            Flake (shark) is the quintessential Australian fish for fish and chips - cod is rarely used, with flounder and snapper as the most popular alternatives to shark. Potato cakes (slices of potato, dipped in batter and deep fried along with the fish) are as popular as chips to accompany fish. I go home for Christmas most years, and I look forward to my fish and chip fix all year, as do most of my xpat friends!

        2. There used to be a place that sold pavlovas. Seriously . was it koala blue, or another place? Possibly a google search like pavlovas 323 might give you something.

          1. Isn't a famous Aussie dish a spaghetti sandwich?

            1. ..."find authentic Australian food (meat pies, sausage rolls"..

              Authentic Meat Pies, Sausage Rolls & more are available shipped overnight frozen from:

              Down Under Bakery (est. 2003)
              Brooklyn, New York
              (646) 202-9412

              Click on the link at the bottom for full list:

              In L.A., here is a rec quote from an Aussie Ex-Pat:

              "Located in Los Angeles, Nessie Pies make great Meat Pies, and also make sausage rolls (for a larger order). The pies we received are fully cooked (frozen) and just required re-heating in the oven - instructions were provided.

              Every Nessie Pie is hand made from scratch and contains 100% USDA choice beef. No artificial ingredients or preservatives are used."

              For more information on delivery and prices please contact:

              PH: (310) 400-2883
              PH: (310) 753-4477

              Additional Facts:

              They are actually Scottish.
              They have no store yet.
              They will try and arrange for local delivery - depends on where you are.
              Been doing this for 15 years.
              Sell 12,000 pies a year; growing by word-of-mouth recs.

              Although NON-Aussie-Authentic, there is of course the Tudor House in Santa Monica for English Pies. It's at least a "store" you can walk into.

              (310) 451-4107