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Nov 11, 2011 01:51 PM

Missing Henry's "Sticky Honey Shrimp" - anyone know a current substitute?

My friends and I used to go to Henry's Hunan (College & Bathurst) every month or so, the place was a dive (the bathrooms were legendarily awful), but the food was great and we basically filled the place. We used to fight over his "Sticky Honey Shrimp"... even with two or more orders... basically jumbo shrimp, battered & deep fried, and then slathered in this amazing honey-based sauce. Sounds awful, but they were amazing.

Sadly, Henry's closed down without any notice a number of years back, but I still miss that Sticky Honey Shrimp. Has anyone ever heard of Henry opening another restaurant, or of a similar dish offered anywhere in Toronto?

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