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Nov 11, 2011 01:32 PM

Breakfast at RTM on a Saturday?

Going to be at Reading Terminal Market on a Saturday morning. I know the Amish place serves breakfast but does anyone else have a good breakfast? And if we plan to be there around 930 - 10, will it be so crowded we will need to wait?

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  1. You almost always have to wait on the weekend, but the line moves quickly at the Dutch Eating Place.

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    1. re: urbanfabric

      There will likely be a wait at the Dutch Eating Place probably at that time depending on the weekend and how big of a convention is across the street. Don't be dissuaded, however, because as urbanfabric pointed out, the line moves very quickly. If you must do so, they also have a take-out on the side that moves a bit quicker but you're dining on styrofoam and missing the charm of sitting at a long counter.

      As far as other breakfast options at RTM, there is the Down Home Diner but I don't recommend it. Mezze serves some so-so breakfast pizzas, there are crepes if you are into that thing, and Beck's Cajun Cafe has some decent bread pudding. And there are always the yummy cinnamon buns at Beiler's and soft pretzels at Miller's Twist. However, none of these compare to the pancakes at the Dutch Eating Place.

    2. Breakfast po boy at Beck's. Eggs, Andouille and cheese on a baguette. A hefty sized sandwich for only $3.95.

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        That sounds awesome. I've enjoyed the other sandwiches I've gotten there, but have never tried breakfast. Also, I haven't eaten there yet, but the old Beer Garden, now Molly Malloy's, serves breakfast.