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Nov 11, 2011 12:16 PM

Curtis Liquors Weymouth Annual Wine Tasting

The rekindling of the Best Liquor (and wine) Stores in Greater Boston thread below reminded me that I had sung the praises of Curtis Liquours in Weymouth in the past. Here's an opportunity to find out for yourself. The annual wine tasting bash is tomorrow from 2 to 5 pm. The food and wine is free. They have the lineup posted on their website.

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  1. This is indeed a great shop. In fact, I only sought it out because I'd stumbled upon your mention of it that was rather buried in another thread. I only did an accelerated once-over but looks like the strength lies on the wine rax. Joe, the wine bossman, was very knowledgable and actually fun to converse with (something lost on most wine salesfolk). He'd mentioned there was going to be some steals to be had at the annual tasting - I hope folks took advantage. Sounds like a fun event, one at which people walk out of the store on their knuckles apparently. The beer selection was moderately deep, and I brushed over the liquors, mostly brown, nothing really jumped out at me. There is Mekhong whiskey tho.