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Brew on Premise


We are new to the Northern California area and were wondering if there is an establishment that has brewing beer on premise. Brew it Up in Sacramento and Davis closed and we were looking for something similar. Thanks!

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  1. Where are you?

    SF brewpubs in roughly descending order of food quality: Magnolia Pub, Thirsty Bear, 21st Amendment, Gordon Biersch, Beach Chalet (kind of a tourist trap). I haven't been to Social yet.

    Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant
    1000 Great Hwy., San Francisco, CA 94121

    Magnolia Pub & Brewery
    1398 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117

    Thirsty Bear Brewing Co
    661 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94105

    Gordon Biersch
    2 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

    21st Amendment Brewery Cafe
    563 2nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107

    Social Kitchen & Brewery
    1326 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122

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      Thanks for your reply and list of brew pubs. We are located in Sac but don't mind traveling to SF. We were looking for a place where we could brew our own and then take the beer home. Brew it Up use to do that but it closed.

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        There was one of those in Berkeley for a while but it's gone.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          We weren't sure if it was closed or not. Thanks for your reply, we appreciate it!

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            Devil's Canyon in Belmont used to offer it as well. Now they only do it if you can book the whole session (4-6 "kettles"/batches). You might want to call MoreFlavor/MoreBeer in Palo Alto to see if they know of anyone. They're a HUGE supply house.

            1. re: openhelix

              That's a good idea, we will call them! Thanks!

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        Have you eaten at Thirsty Bear recently? I've had a few very good meals there but for some unknown reason, it fell off my radar some time ago.

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          The only brewpubs I've been to recently are Magnolia and 21A.

      3. Iron Springs in Fairfax.
        Hopmonk in Sebastopol

        1. Does anyone know if Elevation 66 Brewing Company in El Cerrito next to the theater is more than a gastropub that brews its own beer? I am not having luck with their website and just don't have time to comb through all the yelp reviews. Here's the website if anyone else has more luck with it.


          Don't know how long it has been there and only noticed it last week when stopped at a light. I look over at the theatre to see what's playing and it was "whoa ... where did that come from?" Haven't had a chance to stop by but from the little I scanned on yelp, the food seems to be good. Don't see anyting on Chowhound about it.

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              The OP was looking for a place to brew their own. I finally got the Elevation 66 website running. Don't see anything like that there, but you never know.

          1. Check out Hoptech in Dublin, I believe they brew on Saturdays


            1. if you are still in the Sac area, Pyramid, a mini-chain of brewpubs, has a brewery in Sac, as well as Walnut Creek and Berserkley.

              Santa Rosa has Russian River Brewery (excellent ales, ordinary food) and the Third St. Alehouse ; Bear Republic is in Healdsburg, and in the same general part of Sonoma Co., the small town of Guerneville has two brewpubs within a block of each other on its main drag. Marin Co. has at least a couple.

              1. We went to Elevation 66 last night and the place was hopping. The beer was great but the food was disappointing. That said, I would definitely go back for beers and fries, I just wouldn't stay for dinner. The vibe was friendly and convivial bordering on noisy with a nice mix of families and couples.

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                  El Cerrito Brewpub Owner Injured By Police During Occupy Oakland.


                2. Are you looking for a place to brew your own beer?

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                    I am certain the OP is. Brew On Premise (BOP) is a term for a place where people can use the shop's equipment to brew their own beer. Many people on this thread have confused BOP with a brewpub or microbrewery. They are different things.

                    For the OP -- I believe there may still be a BOP outfit in Auburn. Check there, though I don't have any current information on it.

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                      We are looking for a place where we can brew our own beer on premise and then take the beer home. Thanks!!

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                          I think Hoppy Brewing Company might allow this, up in East Sacramento.

                      1. southern pacific just opened. excellent beer, but just ok food. however i'm willing to chalk that up to the fact taht they just opened and still might be getting it together.