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Saturday night dinner with friends

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I'm spending several days in Montreal, and planning one meal with a group of friends (7 of us, total) for a week from tomorrow (11/19/2011) We'd like something comfortable, eclectic, interesting, and not outlandishly expensive, but not cheap. Old Montreal is a plus, but further afield is ok, too. Has to have some fish (but NOT a seafood place) and vegetarian options. Any thoughts?

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  1. Montreal is not a very veg-friendly city and I find Old Montreal, which tends to be expensive, really not veg friendly. Also you're looking for Saturday night reservations for 7 one day before, which can be tricky.

    That said the only places in Montreal that may fit your bill is Osteria Venti (Italian, trendy), Gandhi (upscale Indian) or Da Emma (upscale Italian but it may be too romantic for 7 girls). I generally don't recommend people having food other than French/Quebecois, Greek, or Middle Eastern in this city but Gandhi is decent for this town.

    If you're willing to go out of Old Montreal, I say try to make reservations at La Salle a Manger or Le Cinquieme Peche, both French/Quebecois fare, mid- to high-priced, with seafood and veg options, and in the Plateau. Good food and near bars to if you're going out afterwards.

      1. Les 400 Coups has everything you need. Old Montreal, meat, fish and a delicious vegetarian option (that is NOT another mushroom risotto). Plus it has the best desserts known on this planet.

        1. this will be less expensive than some of other suggestions, nice atmosphere and variety of options but check out menu to be sure, the room on side might be quieter for conversation than the room with the bar


          1. crudessence on mackay is supposed to be very good. http://www.crudessence.com/

            1. Thanks for the ideas. I'm a bit limited in where I've been able to find reservations. I've managed to get a reservation for Grange Vin + Bouffe http://www.grangeresto.ca/fr/menu-et-.... But can't see the actual menus online. Some good recommendations on other sites- any further thoughts?

              thanks again.

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                I have been to Grange once - menu is tapas-like and my friend and I enjoyed every dish we ordered but it wasn't very lively. The only items I remember from what we ordered what a charcuterie platter and a cabbage and beet salad that was amazing.

                A bit further north of Grange is Holder - I haven't been but it always looks fun and the menu seems interesting.

                To see the menus on the Grange website click on the "plan du site" icon at the top right.

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                  Aha! Merci bien, tah1234, for the "plan du site" link!