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Nov 11, 2011 09:39 AM

How far do LA chowhounds drive - for anything edible?

I'm a born-n'-bred LA native, living in Europe. When I tell British and French friends that Californians drive MILES to get a meal they crave - whether cheap and comforting, or more expensive and "worth the journey" - they can't believe it. They WON'T believe it. No one here depends, or indeed lives - in their car like CA/LA foodies do. What is the ultimate distance you would drive for a hamburger/taco/pizza/club sandwich/tuna melt? For a meal in a million??

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    1. I don't live in LA now (just visit) but when I did 25+ years ago, my now-ex and I would drive from the San Fernando Valley to Hermosa Beach for pizza at Pedone's and to the Original Pantry for breakfast early on Sunday mornings. So that's at least 30 miles for Hermosa and I forget--15? miles to the Pantry. I don't remember driving that far for any other place. But yeah, we'd drive at least a few miles, maybe 5-10 for regular meals we didn't have a craving for.

      Original Pantry Cafe
      877 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I live in the SF Valley and regularly drive down to Ricky's Fish Tacos for my fix. I have also driven downtown for Mexical Taco and Co. Both of these places are a heck of a lot closer than Rosarito, right?? ;)

          Ricky's Fish Tacos
          1400 N Virgil Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

          1. Are you kidding? I've driven to Tijuana just to get quesatacos. As in, drive to Tijuana, eat at Tacos Salceados, drive home. 185 km each way. In the more usual scheme of things, though, it's not even slightly unusual for me to drive 35 km—in fact, every week I go to the Irvine farmers market which is about 32 km away.

            I go to Little Saigon at least a dozen times a month, and that's 14 km each way.

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              Seriously, what's a little distance when there's great food involved? I just organized a Bludso's BBQ lunch yesterday for my colleagues. 2 huge party trays. A colleague and I drove 45 miles round trip to pick it up. BBQ was top notch and lunch was a huge success. Praise all around for the white boy that knows where to find good BBQ. What's the problem, exactly?

              Mr Taster

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                I understand.....I drive from SGV to Bludso's when I crave really good BBQ!