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Nov 11, 2011 08:37 AM

Savory in Encinitas


Haven't been to Savory in a couple of years. Thinking about going tomorrow night with an old friend from high school and his wife. Anyone been there recently with positive or negative? Searched through discussions and nothing came up.


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  1. I noticed a coupon for Savory on
    I live in Encinitas but have never gone to Savory, the menu doesn't really appeal to me.
    Looks similar to Sage grill which I have been to a few times.

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    1. re: pantani

      Finally went to Savory last Saturday night and the food and service was amazing. Table had the following items and all were prepared very well.
      3 course prix fixe for $40.

      Warm goat cheese salad
      Bacon & egg salad
      Mac n cheese
      Buttermilk fried chicken
      Sea bass

      We sampled all 4 desserts and all were unique and delicious. Brioche French toast with homemade jam and ice cream was the star… YUM!

      We had been to Sage a few times and it was just ok (they actually just closed their doors). I thought it was always going to be similar to Savory and boy… was I wrong. Savory does an excellent job of hiding the fact that you are in a little strip mall for dinner. Very small and cozy and warm inside and no rush to finish dinner. We will definitely go back.

      Corkage fee is $15.