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Nov 11, 2011 07:55 AM

Where to buy ready-to-eat (canned, bottled, refrigerated, etc.) Japanese ramen-style bamboo shoots in area?

Is there anywhere in the area that sells the kind of bamboo shoots you find in a good ramen or as a good side/appetizer at a Japanese restaurant, but ready-to-eat instead of raw? The only kind I've seen in grocery stores are the typical Chinese stir-fry canned bamboo shoots that are about the size and shape of a piece of stick gum and don't taste nearly as good. I realize that the best course is to make it myself but really just want to be have it pre-cooked so I can throw it into bowls of ramen at home. I'm fine with canned, bottled, refrigerated in a plastic container, anything really. And if there really is no way to buy this kind of bamboo shoot pre-cooked, what kind of bamboo would I need to use to cook it myself for use in ramen? I suspect it may be different than the kind of bamboo you use in Chinese stir-fry cooking but am not sure.
Much appreciated!

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  1. Hinata Sushi in Bethesda is also a Japanese grocery. I was just there and got some ramen and would bet they have the shoots (4947 Saint Elmo Ave).

    1. The salted bamboo shoots are called Menma, it comes in little jars, and the store upstairs from Temari in Rockville has them.

      Temari Cafe
      1043 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852