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Nov 11, 2011 07:54 AM

Is there a local magical retailer of miracle berries?

My friend is throwing a going away party this Saturday evening. He planned it themed around miracle berries. His order was apparently lost and won't arrive on time. We urgently need to find a backup plan. One of my foodie pals once found a retailer of tablets in China Town, but that source has since dried up.

Does anyone know of a local who could help out? We'd happily venture to anywhere in Flushing or China Town.

Alternatively, can anyone advise on an online source that could overnight us a package?


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  1. You can get both frozen miracle berries or tablets of them from Garden of Eden on 14th Street just off 5th Ave. Strangely, the person who can provide you the berries is located by the pastry/candy section. Very confusing, so you may want to ask one of the employees there. Also, there is a guy who sells them online - just do a google search and you'll find him - but he sells them in large quantities, like 300 berries. Given that the berries are very perishable and spoil easily, unless you're planning a huge party w/ 300 guests, you may end up with a lot of berries.

    Garden of Eden
    7 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003

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      Confirmed. All of the Garden of Eden locations I called had frozen miracle berries. The southern Manhattan locations were out of tablets. The Brooklyn and Morningside heights stores were selling the tablets at different prices. Morningside told me $6 and Brooklyn told me $10.

      Thanks a lot for the reply, lulumoolah.