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Nov 11, 2011 07:32 AM

stuffed pork chops

i want to make stuffed pork chops but i am not sure what to stuff them with. any suggestions

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  1. Maybe it's just a Southern thing, but the only stuffed pork chops I've ever had were stuffed with a basic cornbread stuffing.

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      I like to use the same sausage bread stuffing I use for turkey....

      Also, you can go Italian inspired.....

      Stuffed with cheese, spinach and sun-dried tomatoes

      Valdostana...Pounded Rib Chop with Fontina cheese and Prosciutto..Instead of a demi-glaze sauce, sometimes I like to coat in bread crumbs and nuts and pan fry....served with an arugula salad.

    2. Potted mushrooms is a great stuffing for beef wellington and thick cut rib chops. Amazing recipe here:

      1. Hugh Carpenter has a great recipe for stuffing pork chops. Combine soft goat cheese, garlic, fresh oregano, salt, crushed red pepper flakes; stuff inside the pork chops, then slather the outside with your favorite barbecue sauce and grill. I have sometimes used sun-dried tomato feta, instead of the soft goat cheese. I have also used this stuffing for pork loin and added spinach.

        1. I still use Grandma's stuffing recipe, a pretty basic and common one----bread (dry or fresh, and preferably a combo of breads including at least some seedless rye bread...and don't cut the crusts off!), caramelized onions and celery (including tops with the leaves; fresh chopped parsley; salt, pepper; a dash of paprika; a few spoonfuls of strong reduced stock (a little more if you're using dried bread); and a bit of ground meat. You can add sage/rosemary/thyme if you like but this stuffing is good with or without it. Sometimes I'll add egg to bind it a bit, other times not.
          Works great as a stuffing for any type of meat.
          Actually, sometimes, I enjoy the stuffing more than the meat.