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Raccoon in the GTA?

Hey, anyone know where I can get my hands on an edible raccoon in the GTA? Either a whole one or ground, in a restaurant or not? Thanks!

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  1. Haha, I'm not a troll. Seriously. Real human being here. And I'm totally serious. The Joy of Cooking has a raccoon recipe, fyi...

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      some friends and i do a redneck themed event every year and i looked for a while for farmed "roadkill" sources. i can't remember the link now, but the only thing i found was a us company that shipped frozen. they had possum, squirrels, raccoons etc

    2. In all seriousness the raccoon hunting season is open throughout Ontario (where municipalities permit small game hunting) until January 15th. Normally it's illegal to buy, sell or barter hunted game meat with very few exceptions but you're lucky, one of those exceptions applies to raccoons which are considered furbearers under the hunting regulations so it is legal for individuals to buy meat directly from hunters who are selling the pelts but only for their personal consumption so the meat can't be resold or served in restaurants etc. So if you can find a raccoon fur hunter who has a buyer for his pelts, it's possible. If I was in Frontenac or Lanark county or somewhere North of the French River I'm certain you could locate a source with a little effort but in the GTA, good luck.

      It is legal to take roadkill but remember that you must report it to the MNR within 48 hours.

      1. Folks, we know this question is a little outside the norm, but if you just want to question whether the question should even be asked, please don't.

        If you have info on where raccoon might be purchased in the GTA, please do post.

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              I own a hobby farm and most weekends shoot a few 'coons, who decimate my corn, oats, barley crops. All the locals shoot raccoons and are also hunters. Go an hour NorthEast and knock on a few farm doors and chances are pretty good you will find a farmer/hunter who will give you a fresh, fully dressed 'coon. Keep in mind that you do NOT want to eat raccoons that are near lakes and feed on fish...you need the grain fed dudes. Fat ground Hogs are WAY better...

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                just curious...why is that?
                and how do you know that any raccoon meat won't be from a garbage-eating 'coon?

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                  Coons that eat fish or garbage will not taste as good.

                  If a coon is from farm country, it would be eating corn and other grain as there is not as much garbage to eat as in the city.

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                  Raccoon hunting season is from Oct 15 to Jan 15, so now is the time to ask around.

                  According to the Regulations :

                  "In addition, for your own use or that of your immediate family, you may purchase the meat of furbearing mammals from a person licensed to take that furbearer. A person selling a carcass of a furbearing mammal for consumption must advise the buyer in writing that the meat has not been inspected under the Food Safety and Quality Act, 2001."

                  PS squirrel is also very good eating.

          1. Join the Ontario Out of Doors Forums http://forums.oodmag.com/ in the small game section. Coon hunting with dogs is quite popular with some people in the rural areas. There will be some hunters on the forum that would be willing to share their meat with you. Selling it is not allowed though.

            Most people hunt for coons at night with dogs.