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Nov 11, 2011 03:18 AM

Indian groceries in Concord NH

Stopped at the Sunoco gas station on Loudon Rd last night when I saw a sign "Katmandu Grocery" and was looking for dessert. I'm not familiar with Indian cooking so I didn't do a thorough search through spices I've never cooked with before. There's some huge bags (20lbs ?) of imported rices and a variety of dried legumes. I decided to take a chance on a box of mixed pastries in one of the refrigerators. These were interesting baked and possibly deep fried pastries soaked in a sugary syrup.

The young proprietor said he had been selling the pastries for about two months. Business was slow on a rainy Thurs night and he said he hadn't done much advertising. Perhaps some chowhound more knowledgeable about Indian groceries/cooking and pastries will check this out and report back.

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  1. This place is a gem. I'm certainly not the Indian food expert you were hoping to find, but I'm pretty experimental with my cooking, and Kathmandu is a great little resource. I cook a TON of East Asian and South East Asian food, and this place is my source for the super fragrant high end "new crop" Thai jasmine rice that accompanies about half of my meals. They've got an interesting rotating stock of stuff in the chest freezers, too. I found some goat meat in there a few weeks ago, which I turned into a nice Nigerian style pepper stew. I'm not sure what to make of much of the Indian (I guess?!?!) grains and flours, though.
    The place is obviously geared to serve the growing Concord refugee population from Bhutan, Somalia, etc. It's a nice little addition to the local landscape.

    1. Where exactly is this? thanks for the heads up.

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        If you're driving North on Main Street, it's the last business on the right before the 393 intersection. From the outside, it doesn't look like much more than a tiny convenience store.

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            Wait, that's not the same place. Thanks for the link to Concord Insider because that is the correct shop and better description of the food for sale than I gave. Katmandu Snack Shop is on the right side of Loudon Rd as you are headed toward Steeplegate Mall. It's in the Sunuco Station almost across from MacDonald's (and Sunshine Oriental Restaurant).

            Now I have to investigate the store on North Main St. Curious about the rice and will probably have to buy some.

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              Oh, what a great misunderstanding! Now I've got a new place to investigate, too!

        1. have u guys tried the other store at the north main street they have fresh dessert in cooler and much more choices of product and cheaper prices. i go there all the time maybe u should give it a try. its at 242 north main street concord nh.