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Nov 11, 2011 12:55 AM

Is this the best value dinner in SW London?

Mongolian Grill, North Street, Clapham

Like the Mongolian BBQ mini-chain that was around ten years ago, this is more of a group night out than a quiet dinner a deux. The food is better though!

The tables are set up with a hotplate in the middle, Korean-style, on which you can either cook your meat or place a big bowl of broth for hotpot dipping. There are about 6 stocks to choose from. Then choose from an array of king prawns, squid, white fish, chicken, beef, lamb, pork, pigs ears, trotters, tripe, shiitake mushroom, clouds ear, aubergine, lettuce, cabbage, morning glory, onions, peppers, noodles, the list goes on. Mix up a dipping sauce, cook in broth or on grill, repeat.

I thought this was worth mentioning as a) it's only £12.50 per person, and b) you can make it as Houndish as you want so it's a good place for mixed groups. If you want half the stock bowl to have the spicy szechaun stock filled with pigs ears, your less adventurous friends can have chicken poached in chicken stock in the other half.

An interesting addition to the neighbourhood :)

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  1. Thanks Gembellina, I keep meaning to organise a group to try out the hotpot as I live a couple of minutes walk away. Is the stock good?

    They also have a lot of non-hotpot items, spanning standard canto to sichuanese and north-western. From memory of my one trip there the chef is from Guandong, and the non-hotpot stuff I had was perfectly serviceable though they did emphasise hotpot was their specialty.

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      We had the spicy stock, which the idiot bf told them to make "blow your head off" spicy, and by george it was! Potentially very tasty when it's not quite so painful. We also had the satay stock which was delicious and great with aubergine. When it boils low, they top it up with what I assume is plain chicken stock so it does get diluted if you take your time over your meal.

      I noticed some dumplings on the menu but didn't look any further. The only problem is the ventilation - I had to febreeze my coat this morning!

      Also I realise now that SW London includes Brixton and possibly Tooting so the title is more contentious than I intended!

      1. re: deansa

        Deansa, if you're organising a Chow outing rather than a group of friends, please count me in. I live fairly near, in Battersea.

        1. re: J Sheridan

          I was just thinking friends, but if there's interest I'm happy to organise a chowdown. Email me (my address is in my profile) and I'll post a chowdown once we work out a good date.