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Nov 10, 2011 10:07 PM

Suggestions for Cambridge?

I seem to remember that suggestions for good food in Cambridge are usually very scarce in appearing. Does anyone have a favorite pub or restaurant in that area? It doesn't have to be grand dining or starred - even a tasty Chinese or Indian would do. Thanks.

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  1. There is a great pub just a few miles south of the city, off the M11. It's the Queen's Head in Newton (don't confuse it with the Queen's Head in Harston nearby). They have a tiny menu - just beef, ham or stilton sandwiches and soup - but it is all home made, top quality stuff in an ancient unspoilt pub with very good beer. The soup options are red or brown, but the big sell to me is the toast and dripping they also serve - delicious. I believe they do jacket spuds from the aga too. We're rarely down that neck of the woods, but always call in to the Queen's Head if we are passing - it's probably my favourite pub.

    This link from the CAMRA website says it all.

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      I live in Newton.

      The Queen's Head is a really nice place, which is almost entirely down to its atmosphere. I enjoy eating there, but if the food was served in a run of the mill pub it certainly wouldn't be shouted about as much!

    2. Alimentum has been highly recommended to me, although haven't managed to get down there yet.

      152 - 154 Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 8PB, GB

      1. I understand the new Fitzbillies may be good - recently re-opened by Tim Haward a foodie, writer and blogger from another board who knows good food - so worth a shot for a light lunch.

        Here is his Guardian piece:

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          We didn't have lunch at Fitzbillies but did sample some bakery goodies... excellent, excellent. My husband said it was the best macaroon ever, and I had a fruit slice that was scrumptious. The dining area was packed with customers... a good sign.