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Nov 10, 2011 09:25 PM

Chinatown Cleaver $17 sweet

Today i went to China town in Vancouver Canada and got a stainless steel cleaver for $17. This is my first time going to chinese kitchen wear store and wow great prices for kitchen wears.

I dont have time to do a full review here some picture.The company is called Shibazi kitchen wear, its a stainless steel #1 5Cr 15MoV

Have you sen this / used it ?

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  1. Thanks for the review. Please free feel to update it as you learn more. I wrote a respond in the other post, so I am transferring it over here.

    Shibazi (十八子) is a up-and-coming Chinese cutlery company. Some knife experts vouch for its knives, but I have never used one. As you probably know, Chefknivestogo carries a Shibazi thin blade slicer. I went to Shibazi website and I am guessing your knife is the M0717-1. It is the second knife from the top of this page:

    Your product box states that it is a chopper, not a slicer nor a standard vegetable knife. It has a 3 mm thick blade according to the website. The steel is listed as 4Cr13MoV, which means it has 0.4% C and 13% Cr. If your knife really is 5Cr13MoV, then it has 0.5% carbon. In either cases, I put it similar to a ~420 HC knife, very similar to what I estimate for Dexter-Russell steel to be. This blade won’t be very hard, which is actually good for a chopper.

    Here I have uploaded two photos. In the first photo, you can see three Chinese style knives. Going from left to right, we have a CCK 1303 slicer, a Dexter-Russell vegetable knife, and a no-name KongMoon chopper (KongMoon is a location, not a brand). CCK spine thickness is tapered from 2 mm to 0.5 mm. Dexter spine is tapered from 2.5 mm to 2.0 mm. The KongMoon spine is 3 mm throughout.

    In the second photo, you can appreciate the difference between the CCK slicer on the left and the KongMoon cleaver on the right. In some way, the spine thickness did not tell the whole story because of the blade grinding geometry. The KongMoon cleaver remains thick for much of the blade, and it has a very distinct convex grind near the edge. It can do some damages, but I rarely get to use it because it is so specialized. Yours looks more well-around.

    *Edit* I could get the link to properly work. Your knife should be on the second page, but my link will only get you to the first page...

    1. Shibazi are everywhere in Chinese supermarkets in Calgary so I assume it's the same in Vancouver. They are cheaper than CCK. They have a large line of knives. I've never used that brand.

      I can't decipher the Chinese calligraphy on the box or the knife - the description could be useful. Maybe you can, and if not maybe Chem or others can.

      Nonetheless, congratulations.

      Edit: Chem, your reply beat mine.!!

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        "Edit: Chem, your reply beat mine.!!"

        I read your mind, and I submit my post just right before you could.

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          you two are hilarious with the best knowledge of knifes

      2. I have a different ShiBaZi.

        They have a slicer, vegetable, and boning in the local market.