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Nov 10, 2011 08:20 PM

Suggestions for NYE in YYC?

Evenings out with Mrs. Fuji are few & far between since Little Miss Fuji came along. NYE is fast approaching and we are looking for a night out with dinner/drinks/dancing/fun times, basically anything but the same-old house party we've been going to since our early 20s.

Do the Hounders have any suggestions for great restos or little secret gems that put on a good night on NYE? Food is a must but other activities (dancing, countdowns etc.) would be cool too. Budget is not an issue, but location should be relatively central; cabs in Calgary are impossible to get at the best of times so we will likely Bus or CTrain home. Also, are there any good charity events/galas that can be recommended?

Thx for all your assistance.

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  1. I feel a little silly replying to my own post- but am SHOCKED that no Chowhounders have an opinion or advice to offer on this. We are a younger couple looking to have a fun New Year's Eve (sans baby) in a place that has good atmosphere and great food. I am thinking something above baseball caps & beer bongs, but slightly below Dom Perignon and Foie Gras.

    Are people afraid to spill the beans on their favourite place for NYE? If so, send me a message. I can keep a secret, I promise! Are the criteria too strict? if so, Calgary is a sad, sad place on NYE.

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      I think the best option for NYE is to call a few restaurants you like and ask if they'll be doing a prix fixe menu or the usual one. I would love a good masquerade ball with wonderful food but event organizers seem to be more concerned with the big dollars of boozey techno events.

      Charities/galas are usually (and unfortunately) invite only. A few organizations I volunteer/work with during the year are hosting parties but the guest lists are short and either based on how deep your pockets are or how many hours you've given them over the year.

      This all doesn't help sorry. IMO go to a nice dinner at a great restaurant then hit a club for the countdown. Inviting a few friends doesn't hurt.

      1. re: Mr. Fuji

        It's a bit early for establishments to be advertising their NYE offerings. Most haven't even advertised any Christmas goings-on.

        It is still the middle of November, so relax. Post this again in about 2-3 weeks when people are looking at their December calendars.

      2. I think part of the challenge here is that good events in Calgary are far and few between. I've spoken to a few restaurant owners in the past about this topic and the problem they have is that most patrons head out the door before midnight and any expense they go to for NYE beyond the dinner are wasted. I've traditionally gone out of town for NYE, I find Banff has good options as does my favourite place in the world for NYE, Field, BC and Truffle Pigs Bistro... but you wanted central Calgary.

        I did have one excellent NYE about 7 years ago at Muse in Kensington, the dinner was outstand and close to midnight the owner came around and invited everyone down to the lounge for dancing and champage. Unfortunately I'm one of the guilty ones who left before it got going as I had obligations elsewhere.

        1. We did new year's eve two years ago at Chef's table at the Kensington riverside inn -- it was very nice but quiet and as previously noted many left before midnight (we didn't). Can't remember what it cost but with 5 courses and wine pairings it was maybe $150 per person. A bit pricey but it was a great meal with great wines.

          1. My husband and I went to Vin Room last year. It was like a normal night there and there was no cover. We're not big partiers so we managed to get the last Elbow Drive bus home at 12:30. It was a nice night :) I'm a little biased since my friends work there and it was our first time visiting her while she was working. Still, it was a nice low key night

            Vin Room
            2310-4th St SW, Calgary, AB T2S 1X2, CA

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              We did Vin Room last year as well, and quite liked it! It was a stop before a house party (you guessed it!) The wine consumption seemed to outpace the food by about 3 to 1, but that was our fault for arriving on very empty bellies. A good experience overall.

            2. Through the miracle of twitter we heard of and signed up for a dine and stay package at a great downtown restaurant located inside a hotel.

              So, I think this is exactly what we are looking for: we get a great night out (sans baby) and a home-base to rest/freshen up at between cocktails, we are not tied to one place with the same people all night long, and there is no 2 hours trying to flag down a cab! Extra bonus is that the restaurant is meat-oriented, and the hotel is newer & trendy, and reviews all look great.

              See you on NYE!

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                  1. re: Jasz

                    Probably the St Germain hotel with Charcut as the restaurant. The SG restaurant is still closed last time I drove by

                      1. re: Mr. Fuji

                        You are correct, I got the name mixed up. I meant Le Germain, not St. Germain.

                        1. re: 23skidoo

                          OK- So We found our NYE spot- what are other CH folks doing?

                          BTW- If I recall correctly- St. Germain is/was a highly regarded trance & house DJ

                      2. re: cellophane_star

                        Oops, sorry, of course.
                        Sounds like a great choice!