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Nov 10, 2011 07:35 PM

Jani in Norwalk bites the dust!

Although nothing special discovered tonight that the bright neon lights of Jani in the Wal-Mart plaza are dark. Sign on the door indicates they are closed. No one picks up the phone. Huge space to be empty. Anyone aware of the future of the space?

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  1. I can't share any insights, but I must say I'm intrigued by this.

    I always thought that the proprietors of Jani either had an ownership stake in the property, or maybe they were locked into a long lease with a favorable rate. Having such a huge place that always seemed to be mostly empty just didn't add up for me.

    Had lunch there a few times when I worked in Norwalk and was never really impressed with the food. I wonder what's going in there next.

    1. I've heard that the former Jani will become a Panera. That's a lot of square feet for that concept which is basically a breakfast food spot.

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        Agreed, they've gotta be subletting part of it or something; that Jani spot is huge for a Panera.