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Nov 10, 2011 07:15 PM

Restaurant rec for single near Hotel Nikko

I will be in SF for one night for business mid-week, staying at Hotel Nikko (Mason & Farrell) and am looking for a restaurant for dinner. I'll be eating solo. I live in central PA where good restaurants are few and far between. I would like a place that I can walk to at night and not be uncomfortable as a single. Mid-price range is fine. Fresh local food would be great of any ethnicity.
Thanks! I am looking forward to a good meal.

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  1. I suggest going to the upper right-hand of this page and doing a search for "Union Square." Hotel Nikko is close to Union Square and you will find a number of threads with many helpful suggestions already here for you to review.

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      1. Fish & Farm on Taylor is close by and fantastic - better than Anzu in my opinion. Great seafood options. Start with their chopped seasonal salad - always incredible.

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          In looking through the Union Square posts, Farallon caught my eye. How does it compare to Fish and Farm?

          1. re: statecollegian

            You can't go wrong with Farallon - and it's beautiful to boot. Enjoy.

            450 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94102