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Fondue Recipe! Help!!!

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I'm hosting a fondue dinner tomorrow and just found out that one of my guests doesn't like Swiss cheese...wondering if anyone has a great (preferably easy!) recipe for non-Swiss cheese fondue!!! I'm thinking perhaps cheddar or Mexican??? Open to other ideas, too!


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  1. Well, I was going to post this recipe for beer-cheese fondue but when i checked the cookbook saw that it has 2 cups of Swiss cheese..maybe something with a brie and cream combo would work instead? Or if you have time to assemble extra dippers, steamed new potatoes (cut into pieces if they're large), mini-meatballs, steamed broccoli all work well as dippers in fondue and could make a reasonable meal on their own for the non-Swiss-eater, especially if you've got a salad on standby as an accompaniment?

    1. Gruyere or Emmenthal are the traditional fondue cheeses from what I know. Call it that vs. swiss and see if they still don't like it.
      Otherwise, any combination of cheeses will be great, IMO. There's no reason you have to use just one...just pick a flavor profile and proceed as you would with traditional fondue.

      1. Beer cheese would be good, and you don't need to do swiss with that. You could even do beer and velveeta and the swiss hater might love it. Do two.

        1. a few ideas...

          -mushroom fondue - saute sliced mushrooms with onions and garlic in butter, add some stock and herbs of choice. then puree til smooth. mix cream with a little cornstarch and put in fondue pot, add in mushroom puree and you're off and running - season with S&P, cayenne or paprika

          -asiago - start with garlic in butter, with a little sparkling wine, thyme, cornstarch, stock, asiago, mozzarella

          -ricotta and romano or parmesan - some roasted garlic, basil, maybe some minced sundried tomatoes, maybe a swirl of pesto... sky's the limit. love ricotta as a base.

          1. If they actually said "Swiss" cheese, then as long as it is not from Switzerland you should be fine, no? How about a cheddar fondue?

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              the way I read that was thinking they meant the one with holes. now that's interesting.
              I'm also not a lover of Swiss cheese with holes, it's too sharp or something but could
              fontina or Colby work? not sure.

            2. http://www.fonduebits.com/cheese-fond...

              We've been working our way thru this website for some time!

              1. gosh allison, did your guest not hear/ read that your invitation was for a fondue dinner? maybe they weren't told? if they didn't know, then i guess i'd put some effort into this problem and serve them some grilled cheddar cheese sandwiches made pretty(same thing as fondue, really!). But especially if it's the former situation, I don't think you should deprive your other guests of a good gruyere based fondue because 1 guest doesn't like it. Just sayin'.........

                In case you still haven't settled on a recipe:

                RECIPE Mindy’s Best CHEESE FONDUE

                1 lg loaf Iggy’s Francese bread, cut into 1-1 ½ “ cubes.

                1 clove Garlic, peeled, halved lengthwise
                1 ½ c. Riesling wine( can use other kind, but this has best flavor-Hardy’s is good and cheap

                14 ou. (5c.) Grated Gruyere (TrJ’s paper wrapped Cave Aged is best)
                ¼ c. (4 T.) White flour (not whole wheat, which makes it gritty)
                Few shakes Kosher Salt
                2 grinds Black Pepper

                3T. or more Kirsch

                Place bread in single layer on baking pan.
                In 300 degree oven bake 5 min. until very lightly toasted.
                Meanwhile, toss gruyere through pepper.

                In an electric, or other, fondue pot, rub inside w/ cut sides of garlic.
                Rub hard to release garlic juices.

                Add wine and heat on low til small bubbles at edges.
                Add handful of cheese to wine and stir til melted.
                Continue til all cheese is melted.
                Add kirsch to taste ,testing with bread cube.

                Serves 2.

                you could sub pepper jack or cheddar or maybe smoked gouda i suppose.

                1. I also dislike "Swiss cheese" from the grocery store with the big holes, but I love Gruyere. They are quite different and your guest will really enjoy the traditional fondue.

                  At the suggestion of the cheese monger the last time I made fondue, I used Raclette as a portion of the cheese (about a third of the volume of cheese). It made it a bit milder in flavor and a creamy texture that we all loved.