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Nov 10, 2011 05:24 PM

BEST Greek Restaurant with Taramosalata in Dallas?

I'm dying here. I spent the last 11 years living next to Greektown in Chicago and I just can't do it anymore. I'm 31 weeks pregnant and need taramosalata. So I'm desperate also also a little bit picky about it - It cannot be bright pink! THANK YOU!

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  1. I feel your pain. I'm afraid Dallas' "Greek" restaurants must feel real taramosalata is a bit too ethnically challenging for us Dallasites.

    I never eat Greek food out in Dallas because the restaurants that profess to be Greek think the most authentic dish Dallasites will eat it is pita bread and maybe, a little saganaki. I'm afraid they're Greek in name only.

    It's a shame. I lived in London for many years and enjoyed taramosalta often. Even the English market across the road from my house sold it. Fresh, too! And I'm talking about the light pink taramosalata with the texture of thick sour cream. That's, the real thing. What's so difficult?

    A far cry from what's sold in the jar at Central Market. But at least you can use that Krinos brand as a start. Be sure to use Daisy brand sour cream and Fage' full fat Greek yogurt if you make it at home.

    1. It is on the menu at Greek Isles in Plano.

      Greek Isles
      3309 N Central Expy, Plano, TX 75023

      1. Actually you should go to Platia They are in fact Chicago style greek. Her dad owned a restraunt in Chicago for quite a while.


        Forgot to mention they are in Frisco by the mall. Also that I just had Taramosalata last night. One of my favorite things...

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          Frisco is a fir piece from me in Uptown but, I'm willing to try it. I looked at their menu and not only do they have taramosalata, they also have skordelia. My favorite! And, they are BYOB!
          Thanks for the top.

        2. Oh my - WONDERFUL. Thank you thank you. We don't get up that way... well, pretty much ever, but it might be worth a special trip! Thank you thank you.

          1. Please let me know how it is after you go there, I, too, grew up in the Chicago area and need to get a good Greek fix! That along with a good hot dog, Italian beefs and a great pizza I should be all set!