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Nov 10, 2011 05:09 PM

Portable countertop grill WITH timer?

Have been shopping for the past year for a good portable countertop grill with a timer and removable grill plates.
I had a Hamilton beach, but the power cord wore out after several years use, and it was also way too large for my needs(ie to grill a bagel in the morning or the occasional sandwich)

George Foreman makes several models, but most dont even come with an on-off switch!
Please, any recommendations?
I may order this model online, it comes with a digital timer, but still much larger than I need

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  1. Hi Eco,

    I have zero experience with portable countertop grills, though I rely constantly on portable butane stoves and a countertop food steamer. Please find below a link for "grill" from Amazon. There are many options there, along with hundreds of customer reviews. Hopefully this may be of some use to you.

    1. Cuisinart GC-17N Griddler Grill Centro 1700-Watt 2-Tier Grill/Griddle with Rotating Skewers

      I saw this a year or two ago on QVC and thought it looked wonderful. I found it on Amazon.