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Nov 10, 2011 04:24 PM

Star lunch in Paris

I m thinking of having a lunch in a 2 or 3 michelin star restaurant in paris. From 2 stars I m only considering Jules Verne for the view and the supervision of alain ducasse (lunch at plaza athenee is too expensive at 220pp). From 3 stars I am between Le meurice(90 euros) Pierre Gagnaire(110euros) Eric frechon(85euros). Which one of the four would you consider the best choice in order to taste real starred cooking? For example even thought yannick alleno is very talented his lunch menu is very common. Is it possible to have lunch in any of those with no reservation or with reservation 3 days before? i have seen reviews mentioning half empty restaurant for pierre gagnaire at lunch. And last i would like to know if these prices of the lunch menus are final, or there are any supplements on that, except beverages and water. Thank you in advance

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  1. Don't forget "Le Cinq".

    As for the food, it depends what you want; classical vs. more "modern" ?
    the kind of settings (Le Cinq vs. L'Arp├Ęge for example).

    Normally, the menu price includes taxes and service; at some places it also includes water (filtered onsite), but not always.

    I would assume that except for a few places (for example Jules Verne or L'Astrance), calling a few days in advance will get you a table for lunch.

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      As for the food i like classical like ducasse but also passard or gagnaire seem very good. Molecular cuisine doesnt attract me that much. I want something unusual and memorable. What i try to avoid is having a ''1 or 0 star lunch'' in a 3star restaurant, cause obviously lunch menus are very inferior to menu degustation in many of them..from what i have read on the internet i think pierre gagnaire's lunch is the closest to a degustation experience, but maybe i m wrong.

      I have read about the long waiting lists for l astrance but i m surprised about jules verne since 120 people can eat there.

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        Jules Verne is in the Eifel Tower - could that be the reason for needing to book early?

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          At G Savoy, your 'bargain' lunch allows you to eat whatever you want, whether on the lengthy menu or as a one off, they make your experience quite memorable. At Le Cinq if you do not see what you want on the 'bargain' lunch menu, the last few times there when l asked for something on the very pricey a la carte menu they smiled and tada, l got it with their pleasure and no attitude at all. Even with the lowest priced menu option it was a multi star experience, same as at Gagnaire, Rostang, Ledoyen, or others.

      2. Getting a reservation at multi star restaurants is not nearly as difficult a people often assume. With the exception of Astrance, a week is usually plenty. I would difinitely, though, not drop in without a reservation and expect to be seated.

        If Rostang (2stars) still has their Club Menu (lunch only i think) available it is your best choice no question. Used to be about 95e all in, 3 courses, aperitif, wine, water, coffee, a truly excepional value, and the quenelle d'homard was always one of the choices for main course.

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          Thank you for your responses. Just saw rostang and he has the menu dejeuner at 78 euros without beverages. Do you think i can manage to find a seat for monday lunch at pierre gagnaire without reservation at all as i dont live in france and i dont have a credit card. Also i know that in case of not showing off you have to pay, as i remember, 150 euro pp for expample in gordon ramsay's flagship.

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            I would also like to know, if anyone knows, if it is ok to have lunch at plaza athenee with only main course and dessert, without any starter. And if you still get all the amuses etc...