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Nov 10, 2011 04:21 PM

Sage reservation cancelled, need new suggestions.

Aria just called to say they have cancelled my reservation at Sage in early December. They are doing construction

I am meeting my mother in Vegas for a quick trip and we are staying at the Aria. I'm pretty open to anything, but I need to find something that will make her happy.

In a nutshell:
she likes fancy, but she doesn't like it when they "get all crazy"

she is allergic to shell fish and doesn't really eat fish

she will do steak, but they need to have other things on the menu besides "a big piece of meat"

she likes chinese but could skip japanese, thai etc.

she is older and will probably not want to travel too far away from the hotel at night.

we are doing Scarpetta the next night

Any thoughts??

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  1. You might consider Jean Georges Steakhouse upstairs at Aria. While they certainly have the standard big pieces of meat, they also have some other dishes that are quite good. It also meets the distance requirement and is upscale but too out there. Definitely on the expensive side and I would recommend reservations.