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Nov 10, 2011 03:17 PM

Driving from Charlotte to Grover NC - need food suggestions

Looking for local cuisine...BBQ, low country, etc. Willing to go a little (1/2 hr.) out of the way

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  1. familyguy13,
    You are aware that Grover IS only a little more than 1/2 an hour from Charlotte, aren't you?
    Are you looking for something between the Charlotte airport and Grover?
    Please be more specific.

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    1. re: Tee

      That's the last time that i listen to my son. He thought it was an hour and a half drive. Is there something you would recommend in the general area? I'm flying in for a weekend stay at the Inn of the Patriots and wanted to get a meal with local flavor on Friday night

    2. I'd suggest making a slight detour to Bridges BBQ Lodge in Shelby. Not far out of the way, and excellent 'q.

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      1. re: Notaslavetofashion

        Thanks, I'll be there at around 7:00 tonight