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Nov 10, 2011 02:59 PM

One night, November 28 in Dallas, downtown...what ya got?

Only going to be in Dallas one night, Monday November 28. Where would you go for one meal in Downtown Dallas (Elm Street)?? Any type food, any price range just something you CAN NOT MISS.



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  1. Cane Rosso (best Naples style pizza in Dallas) is normally closed on Mondays but Jay Jerrier (owner) is hosting a local chefs pizza night on Mondays for a short time. The local chef host for the 28th is non other than our own irascible Jack Perkins. The hamburger guru (owner) of Maple and Motor. Portions of all proceeds benefit a local charity.
    It should be a blast and great fun.

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    1. re: twinwillow

      YES! the PERFECT pizza. Be certain to have them let you try the hot soprosetta. Not really hot (maybe by NYC standard ;) ), but oh,so tasty!!!

      Deep Ellum is a great area. Goggle for other ideas.

      1. re: CocoaNut

        One of my favorite pizza's at CR is the "Ella" with said, hot sopresseta. I love the way the edges of the paper thin
        sopresseta salami crisps and curls up in their super hot oven.
        Cane Rosso is privileged to be one of the few American pizza restaurants in the USA recognized by the highly regarded "Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletano"

        1. re: twinwillow

          According to their new website, Cane Rosso is now open EVERY Monday now. Just for dinner, though.

          1. re: twinwillow

            Seriously?! Cane Rosso?! One night in Dallas and you are sending them to soggy pizza. Get real.
            I second Steven Pyles. Also Craft or the Joule.

            1. re: HalfBaked

              Coming from the NOLA region, s/he has all the 5-star restaurants desired. Question is-what does D have (translation: that N.O. doesn't).

              1. re: CocoaNut

                CocoaNut nailed it as far as how to approach the question and I totally agree. To be honest, I send out of town visitors (mostly from other TX/southern/pizza-starved cities) to Cane Rosso all the time.

                Besides Cane Rosso, Tei An also stands out as food we have that NOLA doesn't. Strong recommendation there.

              2. re: HalfBaked

                agreed. don't get the buzz on Cane Rosso - I've been three times now and it's good... not as good as so-so pizza throughout Italy though, in my opinion. Anyway, not worth spending your only night in Dallas at...

                Had an EXCELLENT experience at Craft in August.

      2. I would go to Stephen Pyle's. Food is delicious and its a good reflection of southwestern cuisine. I've heard his other restaurant Samar is really good but haven't been to it yet. Flavors are more geared to India and Asia.

        1. Must drive.... Lonesome Dove Western Bistro in Ft Worth's Stockyard.

          Lonesome Dove Western Bistro
          2406 N. Main, Fort Worth, TX 76106

          1. Actually, after thinking about it, you're all quite right to be indignant of my recommendation that someone spend their only night in Dallas at Cane Rosso.

            Dumb idea! Please excuse me.

            I think I got carried away because at the time, I had just found out that Jack Perkins (Maple & Motor) will be the guest chef at Cane Rosso on the 28th. And personally, I wouldn't miss that experience for the world! If you know Jack, you know what I mean.

            So, I'll change my recommendation to either Samar or, Stephen Pyles for a dinner in downtown Dallas.

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            1. re: twinwillow


              By no means dumb, you must know me! I love pizza! Love it! My co-worker and I have it narrowed down to Cane Rosso and Plye's! Thanks for the great suggestions and I will let everyone know which one we choose and how it was.


              1. re: BayouEgger

                Ahh, thank you. I feel redeemed. Btw, I will be at Cane Rosso Monday night. If anything, just to see Jack Perkins make pizza.

                Also, their pizza as good as it was, is in my opinion now better then ever since Jay brought over his new pizzaiolo from Naples. This guy knows his stuff!

                1. re: twinwillow

                  Thanks for the tip. My husband and I are pizza fanatics. Although, I usually have to do some serious convincing to drive downtown during the week, I will try my best! YUM
                  Cane Rosso definitely whet our appetites for the deliciousness of the charred flavor of Neopolitan pizza, however, we've found that Dough Pizzeria Napoletana does it better.. WAY better. Their pork love pizza is the stuff legends are made of. We also like the Grimaldi's at Park and 75. They have great pepperoni pizza. The pepperoni is aged.

                  1. re: HalfBaked

                    I've been to Dough and IMHO, I find Cane Rosso's pizza more to my taste and, very authentic. Much more so as I remember eating pizza in Italy. Both in flavor and the type of crust. And, Cane Rosso uses Jimmy's sausage and more hot sopressata than pepperoni. Which, I also prefer. Their sopressata and all their cured meats with the exception of the sausage from Jimmy's here in Dallas come from a shop in NYC that specializes in curing their own Italian salami's.

                    But, Dough does have some very interesting dishes as well as baking a very good pizza.

                    I would never turn down a visit to Dough if I'm nearby. But happily, Cane Rosso is more convenient to my neighborhood.

                2. re: BayouEgger

                  Please do! We would love to hear of your experience.

                  1. re: BayouEgger

                    I would heed air rec's for Cane Rosso if you are the pizza lover and Tei An, a unique Japanese experience. I think NOLA has us beat on high end restaurants so I would leave off Pyles.

                3. I agree with the earlier recs for Tei An and Stephen Pyles. Also, I'd add The Commissary to the list - it's in the same venue as Tei An so you could even hop from one to the other.