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Nov 10, 2011 01:30 PM

Rib Room

Had the best French Onion soup ever today at the Rib Room...Onion soup Rene...obviously the chef's own rendition of this staple of French cooking. It was the best I have ever had and I once spent a week in Paris and ate Onion Soup every evening for dinner. Best beef broth and the cheese was melted to perfection. Also had the Chicken MaMere or some such name...his grandmother's stewed chicken with a delightful sauce of mushroom and peas. No room for desert :-(

Love Chef Rene's food when he was at La Provence, glad he is back in the city.

Rib Room Rotisserie Extrrdnr
621 Saint Louis Street, New Orleans, LA 70140

La Provence
25020 Highway 190, Lacombe, LA 70445

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  1. Great news.

    Have not dined at the Rib Room in too many years. When we last did, it was great. However, I have the fondest of memories of having parked right in front of the Rib Room's windows, and the reaction of a couple, dining there, when I helped my wife into my XKE, but that is NOT a story for CH.

    I love onion soup, and have collected many over the years. I do not recall any from NOLA having made even the "long list," but then it HAS been decades. There was a thread on this board ON FR Onion Soup, but it probably died over a year ago. I could not add much.

    What you describe is something that I really need to experience. Great FR Onion Soup is not as easy, as many think. It takes a lot of prep, and then a lot of cooking, before one spends a bunch of time, and effort, finishing the soup.

    Thanks for making mention. I would not have immediately thought of the Rib Room, but now will.


    1. Great to hear. I have high hopes for him at the RIb Room. We were regulars at Rene Bistrot at the Pere Marquette back before the storm and spent every New Year's Eve there for several years as well. Love the Chef and love his cooking. The Poulet Grandmere was one he did at the Bistrot; he also makes some fantastic Merguez sausage that he used to pull out from time to time and does his own pates, etc. His brunches were killer. What a way to spend a Sunday!

      We moved to Nashville in '07 but have kept up with him ever since. Can't wait to get back home over the holidays and try out the Rib Room!