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Nov 10, 2011 12:19 PM

saturday night in poughkeepsie?

hey everyone, i will be in the area saturday night, and am wondering what's good and maybe off the beaten path in poughkeepsie or nearby. nothing too expensive, something like a place w/ good bar food and good beer. i was thinking of new paltz, but have been to most of the spots there. are the vietnamese places in town still there, and if so, any good? thanks for any info!

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  1. The Dubliner in Poughkeepsie has good bar food and good beer, but it's not really off the beaten path. I think the Vietnamese places are still there but I've never been, I've been meaning to go. Crew on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie also has a decent beer selection, and the food is good as well, not just bar food.

    1. Have you been to the Gunk Haus in Clintondale, between Poughkeepsie and New Paltz? It's definitely off the beaten path and has good bar food and a great selection of beer.

      Gunk Haus
      387 South St, Highland, NY 12528

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        hey solstice444 & leslie, thanks for the recs. we ended up at beechview or beechwood tavern and had some good appetizers, fried calamari and this awesome plate of brie w/ roasted garlic cloves and this bell pepper type bruschetta that was delicious. then we ended up at crew for a martini. that place was nice, vibewise and decorwise. i really would like to try the food next time! and no, ive never heard of gunk haus, but it sounds right up my alley leslie!

        1. re: unocal

          The Beech Tree! Yeah that brie dish is delicious, I've had it before. I totally forgot to mention The Beech Tree, they definitely have good beer and yummy food. Glad you enjoyed it!

      2. FYI, sounds like your trip is over, but there is a good Vietnamese place about two blocks down from The Beechtree called Saigon Cafe. Tiny little unimpressive looking place run by a husband and wife team, but the food is great. P.S. good choice on the Beechtree, I love that place!